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  1. A chimp behaving like a grown man would be much more likely to get lucky with me than a grown man behaving like a chimp! It was the voices that particularly grated. There is clearly a special tone that men reserve especially for bellowing out football chants. It makes them sound slighty thick I think Im sure they were lovely in their day jobs, but when they slip into football supporter character....ewwwww
  2. When I have stolen Dominos crown you may have a large one on me!
  3. Nah its cheaper than that- this is what I buy 1 bag of tesco white bread mix 69p- enough for 2 twelve inches (although 12 inch is too big for ickle me. 9 inches does me fine . So dough = 35p 1 ball of mozzy cheese - 50p for cheapo but adequate 1 tin tomatoes - 50p fresh basil - 80p and use 20p worth clove of garlic - 40p per bulb and use 5p worth Total for a margherita style 12 incher - £1.60 + your electricity! Loads of money left for your choice of topping!
  4. Really?? They should know that West One is built on the site of the ancient Cavendish Cemetary
  5. Yes I've had loads since I bought mine! I have it down to a fine art form! They are great. You have to be careful to make the base thin enough (like no thicker than a pound coin) to ensure its cooked by the time the toppings are done. The stone needs to be so hot that when you drop your base on you will see it start to bubble up almost immediately like a nan bread in a tandoori oven. I put my stone in the cold oven, turn it on max, give it at least another 10 mins after the light goes out, then remove. I turn my oven down to about 220 before putting my pizza back in as I found that leaving it on max meant the topping started to burn before the base was cooked. I guess all ovens are different so its down to trial and error really but when youve cracked it you can enjoy yummy pizza forever
  6. Standing outside Leeds station yesterday, fuelling up on cheap beer at Wetherspoons was a group of grown men (Leeds supporters) breaking out occasionally into loud 'song'. These songs were not directed at anyone in particular but like a head monkey warning his monkey friends of danger one would suddenly raise his glass, put his greasy head back and start to bellow and all his monkey mates would start to join in. The songs were slagging off Chelsea barstewards (who they wanted to shoot in the head ) and Hull supporters (who were a bunch of lady bits). I was cringing with embarrassment and a fair few people looked like they felt a bit threatened. Why does football make men act so ridiculously?? The looked like utter idiots but were even leering at me after as if I should be turned on by their loutish behavour Rant over
  7. Over priced is an understatement! Large pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust and added mushrooms - £21.00! £1.50 for the added mushrooms alone. If you piece the mushroom you get back together again (which i have coz Im sad:hihi:) it usually makes up about 1 mushroom. This puts the cost of their mushrooms of dubious freshness at around £50 per kilo
  8. Ah yes this reminds me of the old saying - "Get a job doing something you love and you'll never do a days work in your life'
  9. Is this indoors / outdoors or in a barn etc? Im thinking of the cold
  10. Be nice but firm until you get your money back then drop em..delete their number, delete off facebook and get on with your life. I did this with an old 'friend' and its easier than you think. It's also satisfying not repling to their texts
  11. A domestic oven isnt ideal but with a pizza stone you can still certainly make a decent pizza. It just takes 10 mins instead of 90 seconds
  12. (goes to check Urban Dictionary.... ) .....ewwwww!
  13. Maybe he expected you to reject him and was just desperate to feel your boob. It would have been well out of order just to grab the boob without at least the distraction of the kiss. Maybe this guy's brighter than we think!
  14. Lunging straight in for both at the same time is a bit amateur
  15. St Pauls or the apartment conversions surrounding the Peace Gardens. West One will be full of students I would have thought
  16. If you stimulate a mans nipples enough they will eventually produce milk
  17. Wonder how much it costs to rent say a 3 bed house in a reasonable are in a provincial city in Europe somewhere It would be interesting to compare
  18. Only in Sheffield could somebody choosing to dine at TGI Fridays be branded pretentious
  19. I make my own with the finest ingredients! I can make four 9 inch pizzas for a total cost of about £3. The mark up on a Domino's pizza must be the biggest in the food trade
  20. Has anybody tried one? They use the finest quality ingredients apparently.I wonder what they use for the normal ones I've never seen the appeal of a Domino's pizza. I certainly couldnt eat one sober
  21. If you order a burger in Nando's your opinion doesnt count! Its all about the chicken on the bone
  22. I love panini's- salami & emmental! mmmm or mozzerella, tomato & basil
  23. It's Ok but not worth a special trip to Barnsley for. It isnt a 'gourmet steak' restaurant. Its under the same ownership as Spice curry house next door.
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