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  1. On 24/01/2020 at 11:34, geared said:


    No but in it's current form it's not that lethal, deaths have been in elderly people or those with existing health problems.

    The worry is if it mutates to become more deadly, but thats still only a possibility.


    It's certainly not something to panic about over here, the Chinese have been pretty diligent in their response so far.

    Interesting to read some of the first comments on the thread

  2. Hi


    I want to attempt to build a square raised bed out of bricks- 4 bricks high from the ground. I was planning on sinking another 'foundation' level of bricks into the ground just laid on some level slab laying mix. Is this adequate or do I need to create a 'proper' concrete foundation and build up from that?


  3. On 18/02/2020 at 09:34, Chez2 said:

    They would be obliged to if the trees fulfilled the criteria in the link. 

    Unfortunately they dont. They dont affect the enjoyment of his home. They affect the enjoyment of his view. Not the same. Like somebody said, we have no right to  a view.

  4. 20 hours ago, MaxVinella said:

    These days have been for lunchtime meals at Na Pedra (Abbeydale Rd)   and The Mediterranean (Sharrow Vale Rd).   Personally, would not go back  to neither.


    Na pedra is a Portuguese themed restaurant, keenly priced.   We had some good octopus, some mediocre fried squid (batter was not sticking to the squid), mediocre rissols  (tasted like industrially made/cooked from frozen).  Nice bread (was from the Forge Bakehouse, on the opposite corner of the street), great to dip into the fish sauces in the dishes.    I do not even remeber which desserts we had.  Best  part was an intelligent young lady  waiter from Lithuania who made conversation with us and was pleasant and very good.


    At the Mediterranean my friends had some nice seabass, chicken, fried brie, and I had some fried whitebait which was tasty - but fish was large-ish and not real small whitebait.    Then  I was seved an inedible lobster platter (lobster was still half frozen, mussels  fidge temperature, crab from a tin) , my friends had squid, chicken and lamb - and all enjoyed it.   To be fair, they did not charge me for my main course.  Nice Prosecco,  but desserts were anonymous, nothng to describe much  (limoncello ice cream, lemon tart, chocolate sponge).


    It is a fact that it is relly quite dificult to have nice Christmas lunch with collegues, always end paying well but eating poorly.

    I'm surprised The Mediterranean cant serve a decent lobster platter- I thought that they used to have quite a reputation for their fish dishes- but frozen lobster & crab from a tin is appalling especially when there is great fishmongers almost next door.  That rules it out for me.

  5. On 01/12/2019 at 08:52, gaz 786 said:

    The chips at my local (Corton Wood) are shocking still got skin on tasteless as I said get chicken from there and chips from elsewhere KFC gone down hill over tears at Firth Park in 80's you struggled to eat it all you got that much! 

    The new(ish) style fries do have skin on. They generally come luke warm and soggy just like the old style chips they tried to improve upon but appear to have failed.

  6. These days developers actually pay huge sums in Section 106 contributions in exchange for planning permission. This money helps top up the council coffers to make up for the government cuts.  Foe example on one development of 228 houses the contributions totalled over 2 million pounds split between sustainable travel (based on a rate per bedroom), Education (based on a certain number of primary and secondary school places at £X per place), compensation for loss of green space, and a sum to provide and maintain alternative off site green space.  They would also have to provide a certain percentage of affordable homes, which are sold at reduced rates to housing associations. 

    Averaging it out it came to around £10k per house.

    Ultimately the majority of these costs often fall on the landowner because the developer will reduce their offer for the land accordingly.


  7. On 20/11/2019 at 21:45, tinfoilhat said:

    Yeah, mother got this lot in, did a decent job. Cheaper than sharpes!

    What- even after the 'half price' sale and if you sign now I'll give you another 20% off and just let me call my supervisor and see if I can get you another 20% off? That'll be £6k 

  8. 23 minutes ago, NewBiz said:

    The decision is imminent and I'd expect if it gets the green light it will happen sooner rather than later.

    The driving range and the golf club are not connected.  

    8,500 lorries will effectively put the area out of bounds for walkers, cyclist horse riders etc.

    I doubt a vast man made mound will increase the value of any property, apart from the driving range

    Of course it wont 😂

    Well- if they all arrived at once it might but over 2.5 years its maybe 1 an hour.

  9. 20 hours ago, janetla said:

    A little trawl around companies house site gives some interesting information about the directors (current and resigned), of the company named in the report that has 'surrendered' its lease.  A look at the company that is said to 'support' this company makes interesting reading also.  


    Seems to me that the decisions about this have been made by the owner of the hotel building.  Again, a deeper look at some of the documentation on the website of the owners of the building makes interesting reading as well.  

    Can you summarise to save us all the hassle?

  10. On 02/10/2019 at 22:32, bungleboy69 said:

    Away from posh nosh to budget food... I highly recommend to go and visit the Shawarma place opposite The Cremorne on London Road. You get a tremendous wrap for £2.50. Bread cooked to order in the tandoor in front of you and filled with either meat or falafel and lots of fresh salad.


    They also do a fabulous plate of houmous and bread to go with it too for a couple of quid.


    If you're around London Road either lunchtime or in the evening, I would definitely give this place a try. 

    Yes this place is great. The lentil soup is delish too! For a quid!

  11. On 28/09/2019 at 17:45, probedb said:

    You may want to do some research about what it has given us before making such bold, ill-informed statements.


    Living on a planet with finite resources and an ever-expanding population, sure let's not try and explore other planets with those resources, let's follow your views and instead allow the human race to die out due to over-population, starvation and exhaustion of the planet's resources.

    You're living in cloud cuckoo land if you think we will ever be making meaningful use of the resources of other planets! All the progress to date and we can just about manage a bit of moon dust or a vial of gas if we get lucky and don't crash.


    At some point people will realise that time, brains and earth's resources are better utilised seeking solutions to over-population, starvation and exhaustion of the planet's resources. This is the planet that the human race evolved on and will eventually become extinct on- in the blink of an eye in the history of time. 


    And why is extinction such a bad thing?  

  12. 29 minutes ago, Tomm06 said:

    I don't really think it matters if all supermarkets stopped. There are plenty of stores that pop up around now selling them

    These are the ones that should be stopped. Who knows what dodgy stuff they might be selling, and they probably arent storing it safely putting neighbours & public at risk. There might be rules and regulations in place and maybe temporary licences required but many wont bother with all that faff knowing they can make their money and shut down before they are caught. They are probably also the ones selling to kids through the back door

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