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  1. lil-minx92

    Saving organs after death

    This may be a stupid question but are family members necessarily a certain biological match for donation purposes?
  2. lil-minx92

    Rat in the Garden

    That is good news. And suggests that Mossway could be accused of inciting or encouraging cruelty to rats, and consequently be dealt with by using the full force of UK law!
  3. But there is always an active speed restriction. Its 70mph on a motorway. Tis in that there Highway Code! The gantry signs just advise if the legal speed limit is temporarily reduced- and one would be wise to take notice, as it is generally reduced for safety reasons.
  4. lil-minx92

    Rat in the Garden

    The humane treatment of life should have no regard to categories invented by humans
  5. lil-minx92

    The changing face of Chapeltown

    The Old Oak Restaurant is the latest addition to the Chap scene...menu looks nice. Has anybody been? Reviews? Also wondered whats happening to the old HSBC bank that was set to become a new pub? Things seem to have ground to a halt there..
  6. This place looks to have shut down recently. Whats the history of it? It always appeared a bit dilapidated and deserted, with the occasional biker meet there but I always (probably wrongly) assumed it was frequented by ner'do wells:hihi: Anybody know what's next for it?
  7. lil-minx92

    Rat in the Garden

    Bit sadistic. Surely cage traps exist for people who don want to kill unwanted visitors...
  8. Does anybody know the history of this place- https://www.google.co.uk/maps/search/coldwell+lane/@53.3766787,-1.5339828,62a,35y,332.86h,45.44t/data=!3m1!1e3 I understand it has been a private house for probably 20 years since it was sold off by the council. I understand the buyer (a local property investor) picked it up fairly cheap and made it his home. I dont think it went to auction...... Prior to this I think it was a school or home for the mentally ill? Prior to this I dont know. I stand to be corrected! I bet its made an amazing home, and have always wondered what the view is like from the top of the tower..I think Id have a roof garden up there..
  9. lil-minx92

    The Plough at Sandygate

    I'm sure soon enough somebody will have a 'careless bbq' and the place will be damaged beyond repair.
  10. lil-minx92

    Moving to the right neighbourhood

    Would be interesting to know where the OP ended up!
  11. lil-minx92

    Danny Baker? Racist or Misguided Fool?

    I dont really follow the royals, i do read the news but generally skip over news on the royal family (nothing against them I just have little interest in them) - I had no idea Meghan Markle had any black heritage. Its not obvious. I could understand a lot of other people being unaware.
  12. lil-minx92

    Sheffield council reshuffle

    I suspect that most people that want to cycle around the city already do. I've never heard anybody say "I'd love to cycle to work but its just too dangerous". They might say "Id love to cycle to work but the weather is always rubbish / its too hilly / I cant cycle in my work uniform / its too far / I need a car for work / I drop the kids on the way to work" etc etc. Improving cycle routes wouldnt push any of these onto their bikes. I'd like to see evidence for your assertion.
  13. There wont be many service people willing to do the governments undercover dirty work (hit jobs & pre-meditated killings) if they don't get some sort of guaranteed immunity from future prosecution.
  14. lil-minx92

    Sheffield council reshuffle

    There's plenty of cycling routes. They are called roads. The carbon footprint of installing more/better cycle routes would be staggering. Before long roads will be safer for cyclists anyway when cars start piloting themselves,
  15. "Coun Olivia Blake, deputy leader and cabinet member for finance, said such agreements were often used to speed up an employee’s departure from their job. A settlement agreement, including a standard NDA clause, will often be used to expedite an agreed departure from an organisation where dismissal is likely, such as sickness, disciplinary or redundancy,” .. “They allow the employee and organisation to move on quicker than would be the case if a person was required to work notice etc. " It would be interesting to know whether the payments made generally equate to the wages an outgoing staff member would have received had they stayed and worked their notice period.
  16. lil-minx92

    Where is this village?

    Can you remember the name of any of the shops?- national chains? Any more info on the 'covered shopping area but not a mall'- do you mean a sort of canopy type roof but open to the elements around the sides?
  17. lil-minx92

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    Regarding Trumps State Visit, all these anti-trump protest groups planning mass demonstrations have got it all wrong. Nothing would hurt this narcissist more than nobody lining the streets..just a few policemen and some tumble weed. Hundreds of thousands of people showing up just for him, even if to show their disdain will have the man rubbing his greasy loins in glee, tweeting to the world that the vast majority were his supporters but that the 'fake news media' focused on isolated pockets of protesters & troublemakers. Just get that balloon back up, and everybody show their lack of support for him by staying at home. Turning up to demonstrate wont make a jot of difference anyway.
  18. lil-minx92

    Where is this village?

  19. lil-minx92

    vacant freeholder advice

    Hmmm that sounds like a particularly dodgy situation. If there is no known freehold how could one grant a leasehold interest out of it (or at least a valid long leasehold that could be registered). Id want proper legal advice. Also, what happens when the flat owner that deals with the management dies or sells up? And who checks they are doing the job competently? Be worth checking you could get a mortgage on that
  20. lil-minx92

    Price of Car Tax

    I'm not sure why it is more expensive to pay for 6 months insurance twice a year, than 12 months in one lot. Might be a small extra admin expense but would cost me £20 more to pay 6 monthly. This strikes me almost as an extra tax on the poor
  21. lil-minx92

    vacant freeholder advice

    Flats are always leasehold (almost always if we're being pedantic- but never freehold). Common parts of the building have to be collectively managed and maintained (roof, car park, gardens, hallways, the general structure etc). Usually a management company in which each flat owner has a share is set up, but an external management company will be paid a fee to do the actual management. All the flat owners pay an annual service charge to cover expenses, buildings insurance and maintenance costs. This will vary from development to development, from a few hundred pounds upwards. There's pro's and cons (too many to go into) but it generally works, and if you want a flat you cant avoid the arrangement anyway!
  22. Like chalk and cheese as the house prices will suggest. I know Crosspool well. Its in the right area for good local schools but I found it it bit dull & boring. Its all very nice but its generally road after road of post war semi- detached houses. The local pubs are nothing special, and there's no night life in Crosspool itself. Pitsmoor generally has a poor reputation now which im sure crime stats will back up, but many years ago was quite grand. There are some lovely big Victorian houses (mainly now shabby and split into bedsits) and houses with character, mingled with council and housing association properties. I havent lived there though. Its very multicultural and theres loads of interesting shops / restaurants around Spital Hill which always seems to be buzzing.
  23. Well there are a lot of young families in S11 so I guess some of the pubs must accommodate them but they are not pubs I have frequented for a while so cant confirm.
  24. I think if you want lots going on, character and a more 'bohemian' area you'll want to be in S11 over Norton which is quite a way out. Also look at S7 which borders S11 and takes in Nether Edge. In these areas you are close to Ecclesall Rd, Sharrow Vale Rd and Abbeydale Rd all of which have lots going on, plents of parks/green spaces, and easy access to the peak district. Nowhere in S11 (or anywhere in Sheffield really) is a no go area, but it does get a bit shabbier the closer to the city centre you get, and the closer to Abbeydale Rd you get. Edit- Brincliffe is fine

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