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  1. I agree Becky Measures is good. I think she could be a good replacement for various presenters on the station. Starting with 'Howie'. I havent noticed an issue with her voice. She's a wasted asset as a stand in presenter.
  2. I heard her on Radio Sheffield last week. She was very excited bless her!
  3. This suburban local pub, was being marketed at a higher rent than Bar 23 on West Street - 5,000sqft over two floors on the prime 'drinking strip' in Sheffield.
  4. Noooooooooo! Oisoi must stay! I think it could benefit from advertising / marketing. Not many people seem to know about it, and its quite tucked away and hard spot. If it was on Ecclesall Rd it would be doing very well. Fine diners tend not to look to the city centre for establishments.
  5. I think it might have changed again. It sold itself as a pizza restaurant but when we went with a party of eight, they explained they could only cook 2 pizzas at a time so by the time the last person got their pizza the first person had finished! They did a pizza topped with 'bacon frazzles'. I expected some kind of real bacon take on the Frazzles crisps. Nope- it came with Frazzles sprinkled on! Bizarre place... never been back.
  6. I'd love to see whatever it was that the parties signed that led to Julie Dore announcing the billion pound investment deal to the public that had been done. “At a time of unprecedented uncertainty and turmoil on the national political scene, we have taken the bull by the horns and led by example. We have the skills and the connections to drive economic growth in our city.” - Julie Dore -2016
  7. Never know it might fall through. I'd make sure the agent knows what youre willing to offer.
  8. I think most of the species planted are not like for like replacements. They will be cherry blossom types that wont grow taller than 5 meters or so. The street scenes as we knew them are gone forever.
  9. Why didn't we just claim the leaked documents were fake new and say this will be proven in the near future and move on? Thats all Trump does every time a scandal erupts around him.
  10. I know but they have a habit of lying & denying even in the face of facts
  11. Or they will just point blank refuse they said it!
  12. Yea I've heard Toby giving her a grilling before. She gets really mardy and becomes quite incoherent! If they wont let her do an interview maybe the chief exec should show his face.
  13. I only caught the last couple of minutes but Mazher Iqbal (cabinet member for business and investment) was really struggling. He didnt come across well at all. Hats off to him for allowing himself to be thrown to the dogs though. It really should have been the council leader Julie Dore that took that interview. No surprise she didnt though.
  14. Its been fairly obvious for a couple of years there was no deal done- despite John Mothersole stating "whats not to like about this deal"! How about there wasnt one John! I wonder why they have finally admitted the 'deal' is off? Oh, by the way, the council now claim that they never said there was as deal! It was "an opportunity". Here's Julie Dore quoted from The Guardian "Julie Dore, leader of Sheffield city council, said: “This is the biggest Chinese investment deal to be made by a UK city outside of London. And perhaps more importantly, it is the first deal of its kind to be made by a UK city. This is a real partnership.
  15. Twice the population means there is likely to be a lot more high earners-its not rocket science. There isnt really a dominant industry in Sheffield in which all the high earners work (is there one in Derby?), but there are a lot of well paid engineering jobs, and two big universities, teaching hospitals etc employing thousands of professionals What I suspect pulls Sheffield down in the average earnings listings is the large number of unemployed. It is often said Sheffield is a city of two halves - the haves' and the have nots - broadly split between east and west with not much in-between. I think the Sheffield Hallam ward has the highest concentration of high earners in the country outside of London. If you dont think Sheffield has any areas that rival nice areas of Derby its because you haven't seen them! And yes I know Derby fairly well. Anyway..we digress!
  16. The fact that Rony still has a show in this more politically correct age, and the fact it keeps winning Sony radio awards.... I dont know who's more astounded- me or Toby Foster. Then I see he went to Oxford.
  17. Of course it wont. Prices might be higher though. As Sheffield has twice the population of Derby, although the average wage is lower, there will be more people earning above the average wage than in Derby- probably the reason for the (alleged) higher house prices in the better areas.
  18. Its also a hellish drive to Bradford using both the M1 and M62. Probably better off buying in Leeds and training it to Nottingham!
  19. Not necessarily lazy. Young kids in bed, cant drive, too drunk, disabled, too busy etc etc
  20. Anybody know any history to this old house overlooking Agden reservoir? https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Midhopestones,+Sheffield+S36+4GP/@53.4411877,-1.6349394,150a,35y,45.01t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487bd61f7d009d7d:0x6bd22fb46ef9d112!8m2!3d53.489333!4d-1.645431 You just get a glimpse of it on the hillside through the trees when driving along Mortimer Rd between Strines & Midhopestones.
  21. I'll get some stick for this but the M1 side of the city is not where the areas it sounds like you are looking for are sited. Generally- this has been said many times - if you look at the city on a map, the area between 7&10 o'clock houses the most desirable postcodes- S10,S11,S17 and close to. This is generally seen as where the 'professionals' live. Unfortunately for you, its the opposite side of town for the M1 & getting to & from the M1 at rush hour from the western suburbs isn't much fun, although I did it for a few years and you kind of get used to it. The areas you have mentioned are OK, but I wouldn't class them as suburbs of Sheffield and it might be pushing it to say they were 'middle class'.
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