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  1. Its not too bad unless youre a young newly qualified driver or have made recent claims. I pay about £280 a year. How does that compare with Canada?
  2. Probably more because a bit of fresh fruit doesnt hold the same attraction these days being easily available all year round. Likewise they probably wouldnt appreciate getting an orange wrapped up in their Christmas stocking!
  3. Given the issues of climate change which appears to be becoming an emergency, is it time for all countries to put space exploration on hold and ban the development of space tourism? It seems a little extravagant and a total waste of our earths resources. Also, how about ban business class air travel & just fit as many seats on a plane as is safe?
  4. Its often in the news that when travellers move on the site is left in better condition than when they arrived! Councils employ gypsy liaison officers to pop out and thank them for their efforts.
  5. The cheapest option for me if I was to rely wholly on public transport is an annual Travelmaster pass which would allow me to travel on any bus/tram/train throughout South Yorkshire. The cost is £1,281. So I have nearly £1300 to contribute to my car running costs every year before the car starts costing me more than public transport. That more than covers my annual petrol costs. but obviously MOT/Tax/repairs/depreciation (although I wholly own a car that cant depreciate much more!), start to make car ownership more expensive, but not massively for me.
  6. Many (not all) car owners claim that the high cost to them of using public transport means they can easily justify owning a car and using that instead-the added convenience being a nice bonus. If the government is serious about wanting to reduce car usage to help save the planet, would providing free public transport- buses and trains- be the most effective (and also fairest) way?
  7. errrrrr now youre getting complicated! Reesh thanks I may well do, or try and find who if anyone signed off the electrics!
  8. Sorry Top Cat my poor grammar- the oven (not the oven fan!) is wired directly into the fusebox- i tracked the cable down into the cellar fusebox,, running alongside another cable supplying 4 plug sockets for the other built in appliances in the same wall unit. Both the feeds seem to be controlled by the same switch on the fuse box (labelled 'kitchen extension')..... So, if flick the switch off to cut power to the oven, I also cut power to another oven, microwave, freezer, fridge and warming drawer. Normally hard wired ovens etc seem to have a wall switch to isolate them from the mains. I've long since realised the previous owner did everything on the cheap/bodge 😕
  9. HI I bought a house with new kitchen extension. There is a fault with my oven (cooling fan wont shut off), but it appears it is wired straight into the fusebox (no isolator switch) on the same fuse as all the other sockets in the extension, so I cant switch it off without turning every other plug socket/ fridge/freezer etc off. This cant be OK can it?? thanks
  10. As others have said dont even think about trying to park anywhere other than Q Park or Hallamshire Hosp multi storey. Park in Crookes or Crosspool and get bus. Crookes prob best as 52's are very frequent.
  11. Im not sure Id know who to root for!
  12. The Iranian people need to somehow rise up and remove the regime. Put a stable party in charge who will stop faffing with nuclear stuff. Then sanctions will be lifted and everyone is happy. Until the next lot of religious nutters emerge.
  13. St Johns Ranmoor https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3721198,-1.5213955,3a,75y,13.87h,124.97t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sInEAYLDNnkpnUo19H1m7PA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  14. Hmmm cant eat moondust though. Yea I saw that Matt Damon film. Sure it may be possible to sustain a few people on the moon but who would volunteer to go live there whilst life on earth is still possible? Humans will soon be too busy just trying to survive on this planet not concerning themselves with trying to colonise others. Nobody makes a conscious effort to sustain the species- I mean who cares about the species? We care about ourselves and our loved ones and maybe even all other humans alive, but not the maintenance of the species.
  15. Planet earth is dying at an exponential rate and the human race will die out long before we have the ability to colonise other planets or invent any AI capable of taking over from us. We will be replaced by something of course. Maybe some type of sea slug. Have a nice evening!
  16. Hence the reason for not asking for (being able to justify) a premium. You cant then say this is why the asking rent is high!
  17. Personally I'd be looking in S6 or S7 for that sort of money. Likely to be a terraced house with small garden but reasonable areas, and close to good amenities and the city centre.
  18. I agree. Stop banging on about being the 'City of Sport' when we don't even have a world class sports stadium. The major thing Sheffield has going for it is its proximity to the Peak District and all the outdoor pursuits on offer there. Market it as the base for people to stay for visits to the Peaks and improve transport links between there and the city centre- maybe free 'green' busses picking up from areas around hotels. A destination for daytime outdoor activity followed by an evening of city centre nightlife. And it seems to be changing now, but why do they base loads of events / establishments that attract people to the city in Attercliffe- one of the most scruffy areas of the city. The Council seem loathe to show off the nice areas. The council desperately like putting major people pullers out in the middle of an industrial wasteland. It made a mistake in putting the Arena in Attercliffe. Leeds got it right putting theirs in the city centre so the city centre bars and restaurants benefit from tens of thousands of extra visitors that Sheffield would have funnelled into Attercliffe, Centretainment, or straight back on to the M1 home. And get rid of Julie Dore and the rest of her 1970's style labour cronies or persuade them to see what Leeds does, and just copy them.
  19. Cannabis? 😆 On a serious note though, theres no shortage of illegal drugs in the country which are incredibly difficult to get through customs.
  20. I believe there will be people, very much more experienced in this area than you or I, working on solutions to this very issue. Lets face it, its not rocket science to get something from A to B in an emergency situation. Our European friends wont obstruct the passage of emergency supplies if it gets to a life and death situation.
  21. Hi Im looking for suggestions of streams in nice countryside locations around Sheffield/Peak District suitable for toddlers to paddle safely in. A couple I know of are Wyming Brook, and Padley Gorge. Close to north Sheffield would be a bonus. Thanks
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