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  1. Come on Location... we all dying to know if it is the same woman !
  2. Buy her a "rabbit" and not the pet type
  3. it did open 4pm last friday 5th.... we called in for a couple of drinks was not a grand opening but a few friendly faces serving canopies and the bar and decor was nice They did not have the menus and food ready on friday but said they would by monday i can see it doing well ! if not for food there should be a few regulars for drinks.... errrr.... including me ! Hic-cup
  4. the bit you forgot to mention is that it is a cafe bar !!! nice cold beer on my doorstep n hopefully seating outside for those few days of the year that it is sunny ! can't wait..... this made me laugh tho ! GREEN D’OR CAFÉ & BAR - OPENING 1ST JUNE 2009 I am delighted to inform you that 'Green D’or', the new contemporary café & bar, will soon be opening at 1 Europa View in the heart of Sheffield Business Park. South African owner Kathrean, is excited at the opportunity to provide a ‘tailor made’ service to the Business Park clientele, following extensive market research of customer requirements. Kathrean says ……”we have totally gutted the interior of the previous premises to create a 'chameleon like' solution which gradually transforms itself daily with the tracking of the sun, from a service facing bistro through to a sophisticated bar and cafe, therefore catering for the entire needs of the energetic workforce of the Sheffield Business Park and its locale”. The resulting solution divides itself naturally into three areas, a smart bar where you can perch at high tables to enjoy a snack and a drink, a calm area to relax with a coffee, and a modern bistro café providing an express and efficient service to those busy 'workaholics'. Come and experience the menu and you will soon realise that this is the place to pick up a healthy snack for breakfast, enjoy a coffee mid morning, or maybe grab a working lunch with a colleague or client away from the pressures of distracting emails and telephone calls; alternatively why not relax with a perfectly chilled glass of white wine, check the latest news and sport on our ‘Sports Channels’ whilst waiting for the traffic to ease on the Parkway. Which ever option you chose you can be assured of a consistent high quality of service.
  5. anyone help me out i'm new to the area and thinking of a sunny chilled out picnic in a park near the city centre maybe a couple of stellas if u can get away with it ? was looking here: http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/out--about/parks-woodlands--countryside/parks/a-z-city-district--local--parks Endcliffe park seems great - are there any facilities there or is just a field ? Norfolk heritage park - is there anything there ? looking at norfolk park flats maybe off putting ? Thanks
  6. furry muff ! found it now... so this can be closed to stop people and their petty remarks
  7. couple of clever remarks but... nobody bright enough to actually find the site with the photos on ? oh well !
  8. Errrr.. thanks for that - i could find that but apparently there is a site where you can see the pics that the DJ takes in the pub !
  9. I DID think that i knew my way around the web but... somebody who just started using a pc found the Litten tree pub at retfords site that has photos from your night out and i can't find it anywhere ! Anyone out there that knows of it ? or is that type of person that wants to prove how easy it is to find ? help us out please and post a link Thanks
  10. contact my brother he has trailers and car transporters see below:
  11. just to check a car is what the reg says (free) https://www.mycarcheck.com/ or can do a £4 HPI check
  12. and its functionality..... stick to nokia i used to but.... look for something more now I upgraded from an N95 to Iphone END OF !
  13. perhaps if you had actually used one or could afford one ! you could comment most people against the iPhone are just anti-Apple without even trying it ! you wouldn't be able to put it down once you have used the excellent muti-touch screen and seen the graphics flow smoothly ! far better multimedia device then a dated nokia with simple basic symbian icons IMHO
  14. probably be n guessing it will be you don't know what u on about so don't comment !
  15. was a joke pal ! Anyway get back to ur beer ;-)
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