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  1. Thnx. Sent pm will have to wait now
  2. Can anybody help me locate a sf member called tenbob? Thnx
  3. I am a Goodison and from Sheffield. My family lived just of city road, but I do remember my gran grew up around Heeley area and we had rellies over crookes area.
  4. I am trying to contact a forum member, Fitkenlike. I have sent a PM but no response. If anyone knows him other than on this forum, please can they ask him to check his inbox? thanks in anticipation :-) ---------- Post added 20-05-2014 at 22:36 ---------- bump *bump * bump*
  5. An interesting tale.... I will shortly be back in Sheffield. My third visit back home to see the family. I can't wait to catch up with my old mates and also show my new ozzie bf around the town that I grew up in.
  6. Isn't the Marples haunted (I know it isn't there anymore) - but I heard strange stories and in fact worked there and had a few spooky shocks
  7. Yes I remember that place. I used to start off at Marples, then round to the Claymore, across to the Mulberry Tavern, Blue Bell, Dove and Rainbow, then the pub at the back of the Cathedral (wig and Pen?) and then across to the Golden Ball (?) and then up to the Stonehouse, back down to the Blue Bell and back to marples for last orders....OMG I don't know how I drunk so much nor how I paid for it...
  8. I don't think so - the school ia all but derelict and most of it has been demolished - the old junior buildings are still in use though
  9. I was in Miss Longdens class and then miss Sissons - I remember most of the teachers as I went there from nursery (aged 3) through to comp aged 16
  10. Well I've learned soemthing - never knew he was Sheffield lad
  11. I spotted that one too a few years back too - so it is still empty then? what a shame
  12. I recall Rebina shoes - my sister bought a pair of wicked black ankle boots with suede animal skin turn downs!!! She wouldn't let me borrow them so I nicked them and put them in a bag, got on the 64 bus into Pond st. changed in the toilets and did my make-up (I was 16 and not allowed into pubs) then trotted off to the Marples in fitzallen square - had agood old dance around with Mick the P**** DJ and then across to the mobile food van for onion Bhaji's. Running for the last bus at 11.15 :-) those were the days;)
  13. Try making him watch Kes - Barry Hines and find some comparisons he can see That is what I did.
  14. I will ask my Gran - she lives on Craddock road and may know/have some pics. she is 90 now so she should be able to remember. Sarah
  15. sounds like the old building on the fileds behind where the pub is (wasn't before then) I wonder when the pub was built? I recall it always being there but I can only remember back to 1972.
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