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  1. Lived in Elsecar for 13 years and wouldn’t live anywhere else now. 24 hour Tescos at Stairfoot and Wath and ‘little’ Tesco at hoyland, open till 10 pm. New shops just been added at Cortonwood. All a few mins drive away plus 66 bus every 10 mins or so. Good GP practice, dentist and library at Hoyland. Plenty of pubs and WMC at Elsecar, Hoyland and Jump. Trains every 30 mins to Sheffield, Barnsley or Leeds. No idea what the schools are like but primary schools seems to have a good reputation. Elsecar and Hoyland looked good for the Tour de Yorkshire (shame the ads came on when they got to the Elsecar/Hoyland bit) Heritage centre has loads of events on and the park and lake are lovely any time of year. Wentworth village and garden centre just 5 mins up the road. There’s a proper village feel to it. What’s not to like?
  2. Sure St Christopher’s was on Bellhouse rd, opposite the club. It was when I saw Screaming Lord Sutch and Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, got their autographs on our arms and spent science lessons writing over them. We were the girls with the mucky arms!! Must have been 1964 ish, our last year at school
  3. Garden centre at chapeltown. Get my real one for outside every year from there. Always a lovely bushy shape. 4 - 5 foot £25 worth every penny. Set of 400 LED coloured lights from B&M or Home Bargains can’t remember which, had them ages.Sorry don’t know how to put a pic on
  4. It isn't Barnsley. My sister lives across from the Mustard Pot and what was the old village school. She pays her council tax to Sheffield and doesn't have as many bins as me (a Barnsley resident) Think the border is the far side of the Stocksbridge by-pass where the junction to Pensistne begins. People on that side of the by-pass come underBarnsley
  5. I have a laptop, running Windows Vista, which has been running well until a few days ago. When i click 'Start', and then 'computer'....the box which should normally have the hard drives in it, is blank....as if that's not bad enough, I then get several small boxes coming up, think it calls itself windows installer, which proceed to say they are installing Microsoft office with front page. After a few seconds, another box appears saying "the feature you are trying to use is on a CD-Rom or other removable disk that is not available". Then another box with error 1706 appears saying it couldnt find the requested files. All this is nonsense, as I never use Microsoft office, and I certainly dont want to install it etc etc. Clicking cancel, brings up another box/window, also loading, and clicking cancel on that brings up another etc etc. Its a real hard job to clear these loading windows. Apart from this. the laptop is running quite well. Pages are loading, and its running ok, but this is driving me mad. I cant use a external usb drive either, because when i insert one, it has never shown up in the box/window that everyone else seems to have appear. I have had to go into 'computer' and click on the drive, in there, but of course nothings showing in the window/box now. I have tried to restore to an earlier time, but even that isnt working...it says an error occurred during the process Any help on how i can rectify this would be appreciated
  6. There has been occasions in the past when I have needed to trawl back through my online statements, eg for proof of purchase, when I couldn't find a receipt, or to double check items paid into my account. Ok its not something I need to do every week but nevertheless it is My record of transactions as well as the Bank's. They had every opportunity to inform me that access would no longer be available online when they sent me 2 identical letters pertaining to the 2 accounts which were closing. As previously mentioned, it is no less secure, with or without money in the accounts.
  7. Thanks Fruit and Nut I wasn't aware of that as I have never changed banks before. However, there have been times when I have needed to go back over statements from a few years before. I feel that previous transactions are just as much my information as theirs and they don't have any right to withold it. It really feels like banks have too much power. despite the fact that this is a bank that we as taxpayers bailed out a few years ago. They seem to forget that we as depositers and taxpayers keep then in a job and pay out the ridiculous bonuses they think they are entitltd to. It now feels like a matter of principle and they are not going to keep information about my money from me Had they not behaved in such an arrogant manner and implied that they were doing me a favour by letting me put my money there, I would never have contemplated changing banks. However, I now intend to fight this even if it means printing out 10 years of statements!! So much for trying to save the trees and the planet eh?
  8. Thanks for your reply cyclone. I agree, I should have been informed that access would have been denied following closure of my account, but the letter (dated a week before the changeover) gave no indication of this. I would assume that as I had opted for online, rather than paper statements, many years ago, they have no right to withold that information from me. Yet another reason why they don't deserve my loyalty. Looks like I will be contacting the ombudsman yet again!! Will be interesting to see how they justify it.
  9. You just use the new one same as an old debit card. The contractless bit is an 'extra' rather than an either/or.
  10. I changed my bank last week, after numerous issues with the bank I had been with over 40 years. The changeover went perfectly fine with no hitches. However, I now find that I am denied access to online statements from the old bank. I received a letter from the old bank saying they had a request from the new bank re changeover but no indication that they would deny me access to my statements up to 4th february, date of changeover. It was only this weekend, when I wanted to check a payment, that I found I was not able to get access. I will be ringing them tomorrow, but just wondered if this is common practise when changing banks I would be grateful for other people's experiences Thanks
  11. Sasquatch Not sure anyone would call a kid that......unless they got really big feet!!
  12. I don't care what language they talk on their tea break so long as they can point me towards the £1.99 lurpack when they on the shop floor
  13. Grenoside is a beautiful place to sit and reflect and remember. If there is a god I'm sure he/she wouldn't mind a dog popping in. After all, dogs don't make war or exploit or murder. So why not let them in? I don't have a dog but I wouldn't object to a dog having a pee near my husband's memorial, he would think it quite funny but then we could laugh at stuff like that
  14. Must be dead rich in Oughtibridge then to afford fireworks to keep going after 10 pm. Ours usually finish in Elsecar about 8 pm
  15. We went a couple of years ago when my grandchildren were over from New Zealand. They thought it was great (aged 8 and 5 at the time) though they were equally impressed by the snow and ice, being the first time they had seen it!! There was a proper Santa though, not the skinny weedy ones that are usually seen in the grottos. This was a proper fat one who had a chat to all the kids as the pressys were dished out. And the adults got a minature baileys which was well received as it was a freezing cold day. We got the first train and had to scrape the ice off the windows...from the inside!! In terms of monetary value...it probably isn't worth it, but then how many of the grottos are? The difference is...Santa comes to the kids as opposed to them standing in a queue and parents can be part of it (with a bit of a train ride and a baileys) As far as I recall, its all run by volunteers and the money is ploughed back into extending the line past Hemmingfield, which they have started to do. They also do Halloween and Thomas the Tank rides. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did if you decide to go for it.....word of warning though...don't get the first train...just in case!!
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