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  1. Does anybody know where I can go clay shooting in sheffield
  2. Does anybody know any good air rifle ranges and clubs also any clubs where I can go shotgun shooting. Ie clays Any help would be great
  3. Need my bsm meteor air rifle repairing it can be cocked and when you load a .22 pellet. But when loaded or anytime really it can be heard something vibrating and battling about. Any ideas and quotes for repair You can fire it but the pellet won't fire out and its not blocked
  4. Hi I'm wanting to start boxing but don't know of anywhere there is a boxing club well a good one to start up agin
  5. I want to learn how to become a plaster and to learn the skills. Are there any courses around Sheffield.
  6. Im wanting t join a kickboxing or boxing club near to Woodhouse s13 and Sothall s20 Any ideas from anybody.
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