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  1. May was arrogant and rude, storming in to 'negotiations' with no intention of discussing anything , but with a set of demands, which just got everyone else's backs' up. David Davis who was supposedly sorting stuff out and preparing us for leaving the EU, did sweet FA for 2 years, whilst still claiming their fat cat salaries and blatantly lied about the 'progress' he and his committee had made. She repeatedly turned down offers of assistance from any of the other parliamentary parties. Then, after grudgingly agreeing to meet with the other party representatives she told them that she wasn't prepared to change anything! Following this shambles the Tories and their dancing monkeys - otherwise known as The Sun, Daily Mail and Biased Broadcasting Company, blamed it all on the Labour Party - specifically Jeremy Corbyn. A bit rich as The Conservatives have been the 'ruling party' throughout the whole of this shambles. Now we've got BoJo the clown - court jester to Trump (aka the orange Oompa Lumpa), pushing for a no deal so that we're in the unenviable position of having to import food and goods of questionable standards from the USA - and that's before they get even more of their grubby little hands on our NHS. By the way did you know that Boots the Chemist has been wholly owned by the American company Walgreen since 2014!
  2. I have friend who was brought up in Zim. My friend goes back home whenever possible and takes as much in the way of aid as will fit in luggage. Mugabe had gangs of bully boys and thugs who were used to terrorise people. Productive farm land was taken from people who had lived here for years and who provided education and health care for their employees. That land has been given over to 'friends' of the regime who have evicted all the former employees from their homes and turned the land into compounds - it has all gone back to being bush. The people of Zimbabwe have had their bank accounts plundered and gangs of government controlled thugs forcible search homes and 'confiscate' any money and valuables they find. Anyone who disagrees with what is happening is rounded up and 'interrogated'. This all began under Mugabe and has been carried on by the present government.
  3. I worked in the NHS, for over 20 years, I sent cards to all my colleagues and many were Muslims. They sent cards to everyone else at Christmas and no one got offended about it. I think this is just another case of an individual taking it upon themselves to be patronisingly offended on behalf of someone, instead of leaving it to the people concerned to be offended on their own behalf, if it bothers them.
  4. Company Shop get stuff in from major supermarkets, and some days are better than others for certain retailers. Most of the stuff can be frozen - so buying on sell by date has never been a problem for me. Regarding Approved Food - I've shopped with them on a few occasions and never had any problems with stuff I've bought. If you have your stuff delivered then there is a delivery charge which is based on the weight of your shopping, and the weight is very generous. If you want you can arrange to collect your stuff from them and therefore not pay for delivery. Their premises are off the Parkway - same exit as for Costco, but you do have to place an order you can't just turn up and shop. No restrictions on where you work either. Both places have pages on Facebook as well.
  5. Graysons Solicitors on Paradise Square, have a brilliant Probates Executive called Karl Taylor. If you go through a solicitor they are regulated and have to comply with regulations whereas independent advisors, don't have to be registered to any professional body.
  6. Have you thought about asking around for local clubs. Try where you learnt to ride also local bike shops. Also owners clubs who have web sites. If into rallying try NABD.org. (National Association for Bikers With Disabilities) Membership is not limited to disabled bikes, but all monies raised from their rallies etc goes to helping those with disabilities carry on enjoying motorcycling, by giving grants to adapt bikes & trikes. And they put on some cracking rallies, with cheap beer , good music and a comedy club. Enjoy yourself.
  7. Contact Waggytails, dog walkers and small animal pet boarding services. They have a Facebook page and will be able to advise you.
  8. Got caught out with this on Friday night whilst trying to get to work for my night shift. No notices on Holme Lane or Bradfield Road. By the time I was stuck at the lights, to get onto Penistone Road there was no way to get out of it cos I had passed all available exits and there were other vehicles behind me!
  9. This is private land - parking 'fines' cannot be issued - these are parking 'charges' and can usually be successfully appealed against. Also if you get one of these and there was no other option than to park where you did (ie the there were no other spaces, take a photo with your phone if possible) then go to the shop you were shopping and ask them to intervene with the parking management company on your behalf.
  10. Thank you L00b, for being so understanding, our dog is about 30cms to his shoulder and fairly slightly built, my fear is that he would come of worse in any confrontation which resulted in an actual fight. We too have had many of the conversations which start with 'don't worry he/she is friendly' Our most recent confrontation involved an elderly woman (she looked as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth), and her unleashed dog - her attitude & language were appalling.
  11. Have had problems with off lead dogs myself. One of my dogs, a small terrier, is a rescue, who was used as a bait dog as a pup and he has also been attacked by another dog whilst he was on a lead. As a result he is terrified of dogs he doesn't know and sees them as a threat. We have tried various training methods and classes, but to no avail. We keep him under control, on a lead at all times, and try to keep walking to minimise confrontation - unfortunately many people just ignore their unleashed dogs or actively encourage them to approach us. We try to politely ask them to take hold of their dogs and then get verbally abused for doing so. We have been accused of not keeping our dog under control - excuse me? our dog is on a leash and we were actively trying to avoid your dog which isn't! We also have a yellow 'I need space' sleeve on his lead. Our other dog, also a terrier, has been with us since she was a pup and so we were able to socialise her properly, as a result she just wants to be everyone's friend.
  12. One of the allowable sources in the OP's post is a Registered Nurse - I can assure you we do not have an 'official stamp' and yet I have witnessed documents like this for people who I know without any problems.
  13. The reason that the 'cold compress pack' is not kept to use on other patients is to prevent spreading infection. They are made for single patient use and would be thrown away otherwise. I had a knee replacement in January and used one of these packs, which I found quite easy to apply - they can be bought for £38. Infection in replacement joints is very difficult to treat and can result in the prosthesis having to be removed - the cost of treatment runs into thousands of pounds. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals have one of the lowest infection rates in the country for joint replacements and this is due to stringent measures, such as these single usage compress packs. In respect of the crutches I left mine at the physiotherapy department - it wasn't difficult.
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