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  1. Yes I remember Ryan, I was in his class at the time he died. Most of the the teachers names ring a bell but to throw another one in the ring was Miss Jackson, a great teacher!
  2. I’ve never had a good experience with stripped doors. Dipping them in an acid solution just knackered the glue and they were never the same. Equally buying them from goodies they too didn’t last. I ended up buying new doors made traditionally. Goodie use to do his own dipping, I’ve seen the tanks.
  3. I cross this road regularly as I live just around the corner. I have to say that this has never been a problem for me, yes it is a funny junction but if you look properly and wait for a suitable gap, there is plenty of time to cross firstly hanging water road and then whiteley wood road. I think anything installed on there or a layout change would be far too expensive for the amount of use it may get. If anyone is that uncomfortable crossing there, the option of walking through the park down to oakbrook road is always there.
  4. We are just about to refit our bathroom, we are going to fit the bath, toilet and shower ourselves as this should be relatively straight forward, however fitting the tiles is not my speciality. Anyone used a good professional tiler or know how much one would cost per sqm. The walls will be freshly plastered and we have the tiles. total tiling area would be 11 sqm. We would like a quality job doing by a professional tiler not dodgy dave who does a bit at the weekend. Cheers
  5. Head upto meadow head and follow signs towards Eckington. Before Eckington you ill just stumble on it. Might see you there.
  6. what time should sellers get to Meadowhead tomorrow morning? I've never done this one before, is it good or should we venture out to Marsh Lane? Cheers
  7. A workshop for what? is it up for rent or is it already let/sold? How cool would that be, working right next door to The Rising Sun Pub.
  8. I have just passed through Nethergreen and noticed that a small old public toilet looking building, is having some serious work done to it. From what I can remember, it's been closed down for years. It now seems to be going 2 story! Anyone know what it's going to be?
  9. That’s actually a lie, the one opposite Valleyside garden centre just outside Crosspool was OK but just out of the way.
  10. I would say just drive around, It seems that every other pub you come across these days has a sign out side. Although I've yet to see a decent pub with one or a decent pub that has closed down.
  11. Not sure if this is the correct forum to start this topic but does anybody know where would be the best place in Sheffield or surrounding to pick up a reclaimed bay window. Someone seems to have removed one from our house in the past, and I would like to reinstate it. Cheers
  12. It was a Wednesday or Thursday at my place, as my blue bin is out!
  13. To be honest, I've been a member for just about a year, and my membership is up for renewal, not thinking that I'll renew, like felinefriend I've never been informed about any events or activities, which is what I would expect from a membership based centre. The fees could be reduced if they didn't insist on having the heating on all the time, the last thing you need halfway through an intense game of squash is cooking like a chicken, as the over head heaters crank up to full steam. The only contact any staff member has had with us except when taking our money, was when we were told to use the changing rooms to remove out jumpers, that would be fine if the old dudes didn't insist on dangling their tackle everywhere:-(. On the other hand no one would actually notice if you weren't a member and used the place.
  14. Hi Laura I run a small company here in Sheffield, working mostly in the events industry. As a small growing business I am now toying with the idea of taking on someone but I'm a little hesitant about making the leap, especially in the current economic climate. With you only having a limited time commitment, it may be worth having a chat to see it if there are any opportunities for either of us. Pete
  15. The 2009/10 rates are: tennis only £258 over 23's, £181 under 23's, £116 Student, £103 under 18, £52 under 12 and £34 under 8. I play squash and the court fees are around £4.50 - £5.50 dependant on time of day but from memory the Tennis court fees are slightly cheaper. There is also a joining fee of £30. Hope this helps
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