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  1. Hi I recently broke my scooter an need various thing for it and thought it was going to cost me and arm and a leg. I phoned round various places and found Clark and partners to be the cheapest. I spoke to the service team (I think her name was Catherine or Katelin) and said I needed various things and they assured me they could get it fixed. She booked me in to have an engineer (chris or Craig or Carl I think) to come and see the scooter before ordering parts as if they were wrong I couldn't change them. He came out within 1 day and told me what it need and that he would get me a price. Next day the woman phoned me and told me a very reasonable price and I agreed to pay it. The parts came within a few days and the woman phoned me back to let me know that they were there and they were coming the day after to fit the parts! they were fitted in no time and it was running better than ever!! I can't believe the ridiculous prices that some companies were charging. I must say im impressed with all the work they did to get me back on the road especially when I said I didn't buy the scooter from them. They were still very helpful. I was reading other post on here about them aswell and don't see y some people are moaning as I could find a fault with them! I will defiantly be using them again and will recommend them to everyone. Thankyou to the woman in the service team and the workman I was able to get out in time for my daughter birthday that weekend! Please share your experiences Thank you for reading
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