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  1. His name was Chris Crossley and drove a white xj6 with blocks on the pedals. Did some work on it for him and tried to drive it. He is still about and was on come dine with me a couple of years ago, what a laugh!! I think he drinks in the porterbrook tavern, must look him up sometime.
  2. Where was the post office?? Road name is poss. Much obliged for info so far. natural man
  3. Unfortunately we did not have a "water closet" ours was a vault. 2 holes, one for big bums the other small. Always a family outing last thing at night. Once playing hide and seek with my sister at another house in the village, where the toilet seat was highly polished my sister who was hiding in the lav and without shoes on (not to scratch the seat) was peering through the vent brick in the wall, slipped and fell in the vault. In her pretty Sunday best. Oh dear I was upset. Natural man.
  4. Very new to this and read with interest the comments about Rivelin valley. Recently visited the dams in search of some cabins my wife remembers from the early 60s she was 8. (Yes I know it is a while ago) My wife her sisters and mum would catch a bus from Malin Bridge to a terminus by a pub (she thinks) then walk across the dam to a large house, they would then go the right of the house into the woods where they had this cabin. My wife is quite clear in her description of everything and she can remember the house in Sheffield where she went with her mum to "buy" the cabin!There were several of them grouped together. Has anyone any ideas where they were exactly and what they were originally used for? If any one can offer some info it would be appreciated. Many thanks, Natural man
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