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  1. i used to work at the rotherham depot from feb 1965 to feb 1967
  2. I dont think this is confined totally or strictly within Sheffield and as Rotherham is the cities neighbour its hardly like talking about Doncaster. If someone else chatted about Rotherham id hardly be likely to prevent them and anyway my comments were a follow on to Whatever happened to Rotherham part one.
  3. Telman i was on about a situation i knew about and passed almost daily , im aware that the area is or was a mining area , it wasnt my intention to see out who had built homes over mine shafts but to highlight one i knew personally .
  4. As i have commented on the poor behaviour and bad planning from Rotherham town planners since the 1960s which has affected the town so much to take away the charm it had in the 1960s and any buildings of interest from the past etc . I recall the boiler maker firm Robert Jenkins selling off their playing field on Fenton Road for house building , soon this plot of land was full of hastily built houses but in the 1980s i recall , some service was brought in because a problem had developed . One end of this field was on a rise of land and in the past at the bottom of the slope just outside the field in the 1950s/60s was a drift mine. I went pass this area in the 1980s and bag after bag of cement taken off pallet loads was being pumped into the mine shaft that no doubt ran under the houses built on the field above. So the houses had been allowed to be built over an unsealed horizontal mine shaft and probably due to subsidence or cracks in the houses above years later was the problem of the mine shaft discovered , i wonder who did the land survey prior to the houses being built ???? no doubt some cowboy outfit.
  5. I dont recall the type or name of the buses but i remember the old blue and white double decker buses where you got on at the back like tin lizzie types and i recall when the Corporation laid on a school bus for us in the late 1950s that they gave us one of these instead of the newer snub nosed buses where you got on at the side.
  6. Although i left Rotherham in 1993 what has continued to dismay me on visits to the town and even in the years before i left the town was some of the blinkered plans and thinking of the town planners for years and years reducing the town to a grade C movie film set at best. Let me just mention a few of Rotherhams past buildings etc , when Rotherham closed the Tivoli building many years back now although it became a listed building it was allowed to fall into disrepair(and as my brother has an interest with a group concerned with the towns heritage) he remarked some time before that building was demolished. "What planners do with a listed building like that if they wish to remove it, is let it fall into more and more disrepair then declare its too costly to repair and its becoming a danger to the public , 'hey presto 'its demolished. The Cinema at the bottom of Doncaster Gate went through several disfigurements before it was razed to trhe ground , and this was a Unique style of building that would have been an asset to the town with some imagination used. Nothing is sacred apart from the Parish Church it seems , i recall the old Russums building on Bridgegate being demolished, and then the planners found out it was Georgian period listed building so told the builders they had to rebuild the building and although it wasnt the orginal anymore to build it with Georgian windows as if this made up for the error someone made in giving permission to demolish . I also recall how they 'gutted' the Victorian Town Hall leaving only the facade and filling the inside with a shopping arcade only to discover only half the units were being occupied because the rates where too high and then along came Meadowhall, talk about bad timing oh and to put the now final coup de grace to Rotherham shops, the Council allowed a out of town retail Park at Parkgate to bleed away shoppers who couldnt get to Meadowhall the list of Rotherham town planners reads like a diary of Alaric King or Cheif of the Vandals around 500 AD . talk about putting the town to the sword ???!!!
  7. All my childhood and a portion of my adult life up to fairly recent years i was used to travelling on the blue and cream coloured buses of Rotherham i moved away from Rotherham in 1993 but i do know Rotherham combined with Sheffield with regards to a bus fleet quite some time back . But on a visit to Rotherham in the past few years i noticed the First Group running all the buses , tried to find out how all this happened but i just got total ignorance on the whole matter. What i wanted to know was what happened to Rotherhams bus fleet prior or just after First Group took over and for First Group to run a bus service it must have bought the bus route from Rotherham Council??. What i want to know what happened to the bus fleet ??, what happened to the money from selling off the fleet??? and what happened to the money from selling all the routes to First Group?????
  8. some of the flavours we at SYDS sold were Pineapplade, Limeade, Lemonaide, Cream Soda, Appleaide, Cherryaide, Cola, and probably 2 or 3 others i dont recall
  9. SYDS had their depot in Rotherham at the end of Erskine Rd just past the fire station ... the depot was still their when Alpine first took over that depot probably at the end of the 1960s. Now its been demolished and new building in its place .
  10. I used to work at what became Alpine soft drinks , but i worked their when it was still called SYDS , i joined the company in around Feb 1965 as a van boy . We used to deliver soft drinks door to door and take cash , i worked with 3 different drivers in my time with the company. With the first we used to sell door to door in Sheffield Mon to Wed and then Doncaster Thurs and Fri, we used to go to variuos locations in Sheffield such as Millhouses, Gleadless Valley and Crookes and in Doncaster Balby , Edlington , Warmsworth and maybe one or two others . I changed drivers in June 1966 and this driver went to Scunthorpe every day , i was with this driver 6 months , the last driver i went with for only a month in jan/feb 1967 he went to various locations none i can really recall .
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