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  1. I've already checked (and posted in the lost section), I couldn't see anything that sounded like him. Thank you though
  2. Hi, Has anyone by any chance found (or heard that someone else has) a long-haired black and white cat in or around Meersbrook? He was last seen at the very end of July (he's always wandered for a while then come back, hence the delay in posting). He's 4 years old, microchipped, no collar, and he's quite friendly. I'd really appreciate any information! Thank you
  3. Hi again everyone, Just thought I'd let you know that he's home! He turned up yesterday in the early hours, thin but otherwise healthy. Still no apology for disappearing, but there you go... Anyway, thanks all for your advice, it was much appreciated. Just need to go and take the posters down now!
  4. Thanks everyone I've put up a couple of posters already, and will do some more later. I've let the RSPCA know via the "Lost Animals" page, and also tried calling Street Force, as someone told me that they don't contact you even if the animal is chipped. (They assured me that they always scan, and contact owners where possible) As I know a lot of people who live around here, I've also let people know through facebook to keep an eye out! I do feel like maybe I'm worrying a bit too much; he's an adult cat (nearly 2 anyway), so it's not as though he's a tiny lost kitten. As I said, it's more just that it's not usual for him to disappear for more than 8 hours (less during the day). Mind you, there's a first time for everything! Thanks again though for all your advice.
  5. Hi all, Our tabby & white, long-haired male cat has gone missing from Rushdale Road (Kent Road end). We haven't seen him since Tuesday evening, which is quite a long time for him. He's nearly 2, neutered and chipped though not wearing a collar. He's mainly tabby, with white paws, chest and tummy, and white across the bottom of his face and up his nose. He also has a small white patch on his back. I've checked the RSPCA found cats page with no luck. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knows anything! Thanks for looking
  6. Well it's getting a bit nippy and we need to stock up on firewood for the open fire. Anyone know the best way to get a large quantity of wood delivered? (Meersbrook) I was thinking maybe tree surgeons as it's probably just waste to them? I know garages sell small bags, but they're expensive and I don't drive so it's not really an option. Thanks.
  7. You mean you've actually managed to get through to Abbeydale Rd PH on the phone?! I'm impressed. In nearly 5 years of living in Meersbrook I've never once got through, and have wasted several free pizza vouchers accordingly. I even got so fed up once I phoned the Crookes branch, who flatly refused to deliver to Meersbrook. Oh well....
  8. Hi Hannah, Not done it yet, but I'm hoping to enrol on Foundation Art & Design at Chesterfield College, part-time. From what I've heard and read, their art department is apparently outstanding, so i'm looking forward to it! Happy Studying!
  9. Yes it's the only place I'll go. I've been going there for nearly 7 years now, and have honestly never had a single complaint about them. Hope this helps!
  10. I meant, btw, that the request for interim payment and info on complaints procedure should be included in your letter. Also, keep a copy of any letter that you send them. (This has proved helpful in the past too.)
  11. Sorry to hear about this. I waited 6 months for my claim to be sorted out. In the meantime they repeatedly asked for information which I had already submitted several times, and which was clearly on their system! (I know, because I was constantly visiting Howden House and trying to sort things out with the people on the desks. Lovely, and very helpful, I have no complaints against them.) Assuming you have submitted the information they've requested, I would suggest you write them a clear letter (addressed to the person who is writing to you for information) explaining: the length of time you have been waiting the difficulties this is causing you instances where you have been sent repeated requests for the same information Ask them for an interim payment (stressing again the need for this money), and also ask them to clarify the complaints procedure in your situation (you are well within reason to complain at this point. I resorted to this, as did several other people I know, and the matter was resolved quite quickly after this! Apologies for the essay, but I really feel that this sort of thing is unacceptable, particularly when it has become the norm (a lot of people I know have waited for similar lengths of time). Well I hope this will help you - good luck getting it sorted.
  12. First of all Jess, congratulations! I don't know at what time of year you are hoping to marry, but Sheffield Botanical Gardens is licensed to hold civil weddings with parties of up to 100. http://www.sbg.org.uk/facilities.asp It's more of a summer thing, I suppose, but it could be really lovely. Although it's probably too late to arrange it for this year, at least you'd get a head start on doing it for next year! Anyway, whatever you decide, I wish you all the love and luck in the world. x
  13. I was pleasantly surprised this year- one group of 8 came round - all little kids in full costume. They were really sweet! I think trick or treating is great, but I hate it when you get teenagers in a cheap mask knocking on your door and expecting money. I don't know, kids today... (she says, aged 22!)
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