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  1. Just been to the NHS open day with the hopes of handing out cvs and getting a job - I have never been so disappointed in all my life. For starters, it was packed, you could'nt move for people. We were told to talk to members of the NHS - who just kept repeating apply online and took no cvs. Whats the point of going to an open day only to be told to apply online when thousands of people are already doing that? So much for jobs and apprenticeships. I could have stayed at home and appiled online. Did anyone else go to the open day? And if so, what were your thoughts?
  2. Ok, like many people like me, we have been going to the job center asking for help to find a job and to get the amount of around £56. 25 per week from JSA. (which isn't enough to live on) I have been claiming JSA now for nine months, so the job center has sent me to a so called place to help people find work. But isn't that what the job center is for? To them, we are just a number and they sit there all pretty glaring at us for not having a job - they were once jobless too. The job center just about told me that its my fault for not having a job, that they can't help me with anything, that they are sick of me asking for training courses and they see me straight away when I sign on, so they don't have to deal with me! The place they sent me to, couldn't be more depressing. Its full of people with no hope and broken dreams - the staff are not helpful at all! The way the job center put it was that, the people who go to this place, come out with a full time job a month later! If they help me find a job within a month, I'll eat my sign on card!
  3. Hi Jonny, I am also a beginner at learning Japanese. The resources that I have found so far are the University of Sheffield - give it a go month. You need to buy a ticket at their box office for £15 (that's for a month) classes start on the 31st of oct. Then there's the language school in Sheffield (£50 for the year if on job seekers.) But the only problem with this is places go fast.
  4. The last time that I heard about the Rotherham Council - they had signed for an Chinese theme park to be built in Rotherham (that is also an Enterprise zone) I wonder if this is the same thing. I haven't heard nothing about the Chinese theme park for a while now. But I love the idea - reason being more jobs.
  5. Um, that's funny. If there is as many jobs as you say there are. Why did the job fair only have a few jobs up?
  6. Just a quick note - I did complain to the job center and was surprised that they gave my travel fare back, on top of that it turns out that a lot of people had complained. They even said sorry to me.
  7. Yep, but the job center are having a laugh - up to a hundred jobs they say and I bet all the jobs on the boards had already gone the day before the job fair. And was it just me or were the staff judging us like dogs at a dog show?
  8. Your not the only one complaining, is seems everyone who went are. But when I see my advisor next week, I'll ask for my tram fare back. they won't I bet.
  9. I went on the 26th of September and had to wait in a queue of around 70 people - when you finally got into the room which was the job fair (it was packed) there was only six jobs up. According to a guard, on the 25th a hundred people came to the job fair and that they were expecting another 50 on top of the 70 people on the 26th and the same for the 27th. After filling in a few job forms and handing them in - you were told "We will contact you if anything comes up" So much for the job center saying "There are hundreds of jobs going so, dress smarty for an interview, you may get a few" Did anyone else go? and if so, what was your experience like?
  10. I rewrote parts of my story as some parts either weren't needed or needed improving. I now have a prove reader and I am currently sorting out grammar in my story. Thank you for your comments - some were a bit harsh, but were needed. Once I have sorted my story out, I will once again send my story to publishers and this time - I may have some luck.
  11. I have been writing an Children's story for over six years now, and during that time have re-wrote, changed most of the plot and sent it off to many book publishers. Nearly all of them said that they loved the story but due to the current sales climate, they could not publish my story. So, after sending ten off I got an publish agreement saying that a book company wanted to publish my story. But my joy turned to sorrow when I saw that they wanted four thousand pounds to print it. Is self publishing bad? Is there any where in Sheffield that prints books? I have worked so hard on my story and would hate to never see it as a book. I'm not bothered about becoming famous - I just want to share my story and see it as a book. It would be a dream come true.
  12. Ok, I have just been to an interview - everything went great and the interviewer said she would ring me the next day to tell me how I did and if I had got the job. The next day came, waited for the phone to ring but it never did. So, I went into the shop and asked my interviewer why she didn't contact me, she said rudely that "Oh, we decided you wasn't right for the job and with you having no experience, it was a waste of time taking you on" and walked away as if to say "and we can't be bothered to train you either" Now, I do have experience in that type of work, but anyone could so it! its just putting cards on shelf's for a card shop! With all the unemployment at the moment, you would have thought training would be the best thing to do, but no shops can be bothered and only take people on who have experience. But how can you get experience if no one will give you a chance? The job centers are currently sending people to work temp jobs for £2 an hour! and only work for one or two hours a day! £4 won't even pay for tram or bus fare let alone food! Can somebody tell me what went wrong in the job climate and why interviewers are so rude to people?
  13. Theres one in crystal peaks and he too looks like hes been threw the wars. still, i understand why people would nick the cut outs - company and protection for women living on her own or a family! lol I can just see it now "would you like a cuppa tea, mr poilceman? the cutout just lays on the sofa wathing tv.
  14. I am going to the job fair - I just wondered if it was really worth it and to ask if anyone who has been to a job fair what it was like.
  15. Well, to tell the truth - I would take any job as jobs now a days are so hard to get.
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