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  1. ok , so so i was concidering getting an 8 seater and using it for hire and reward airport runs , ect.. Rang around today and didnt really get any further.. Was told i either needed a licence from vosa or sheffield city council and was told to forget getting one from the council as its difficult and there are lots of regulations. Im going to be using it for airport/seaside runs and besides the hire and reward insurance what else do i need ? any advice would be helpful thanks
  2. http://southyorks.police.uk/road-traffic-collisions/police-appeal-witnesses-following-collision-a6102-langsett-road-north
  3. Sounds reasonable enough to me , i usually take me prescriptions to her , its a lot faster than waiting in the chemist.
  4. Its surprising how many police cars you see with headlights/tail lights out , hardly setting a good example!
  5. Every single time i put something on gumtree the you get an email saying "hi i need your item contact me via email" or "i want to give you 50 more than what your asking but please send it to me" its all a scam! watch it!
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