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  1. no need for name calling just because you have a low quality bank account
  2. OP has a history of erratic behaviour so take this thread with a pinch of salt
  3. Meadowhead Butchers is excellent,Beres very poor for Pork Sandwiches although some of these other stuff is pretty nice albeit overpriced
  4. there is a tax office at the bottom of the moor near Wickes if you don't like using the phone
  5. Its apparently struggling badly,typical pretentious place catering to a niche clientelle.
  6. there is no customer, she makes a void,the till is up for the amount of the void, she then pockets the difference.
  7. The one bang opposite Meadowhall There is a Travelodge and a Premier Inn as well I believe
  8. Does anyone know of anywhere that provide 1 on 1 adults swimming lessons? I am aware Virgin and Nuffield do but I don't want to pay the monthly membership fee on top of the cost of private lessons.
  9. I also went to Border View farm a few months ago, not impressed at all
  10. Whats the difference between "legal action" and "serious legal action"
  11. Total rubbish,in Dronfield all can be done online and normally can get an appointment the same day,friends in Sheffield are always commenting on how good it is.
  12. also remember that if its a few years old you can check the MOT history here to see if its had any obvious fails etc https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history
  13. get a minimal amount from anywhere and change the rest over there as and when needed,you can get better rate
  14. shot blasting and powder coating on my very large bull bar was quoted at approx £100 which was about what I was expecting for a proper job,they quoted £45-£55 per wheel depending if tyres were fitted or not,when I enquired,may think about getting mine done soon
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