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  1. I think it most likely means black slaves so I can see the offense taken by some
  2. I'm not saying america didn't suggest it on part of a deal of helping us but if they did then they did it out of gain, i don't think america actually had these country's at heart
  3. We gave India independence in 1947 so the British government must have thought this
  4. But still it was only morally right that Britain did give everyone independence as they were fighting against evil in world war 2 so in my opinion if I lived at the time I would accuse britain of being hypocrites
  5. We didn't lose the empire like that, we had to give independence after the war otherwise britain would have been hypocrites...and Churchill never said he chose the wrong side...hehe
  6. I never heard of western oriental gentlemen but it could mean the first black men from the east coming to the west....i don't know though but I can't think of anything else it could of meant
  7. Yes youtube is the people's news...hehe...though I got to go out now so dont think I'm being ignorant if I don't reply back to you...but we should talk again as apart from you, I can't find anyone else awake...see ya soon
  8. I have never been to America but you have a clearer vision when your on the outside though
  9. Yes but it's not really practical as sometimes you need to change your idea to sort things out..americans would rather try and cure the problem rather than prevent it, it's the same here...though in future if anyone asks me where I am then I will say i'm in the middle
  10. Did he?? Hehe... Instead of being on the right or left, can't you just be in the middle...would be easier
  11. Yes the media seems to be either democratic or republican.. But I think Ron Paul was forced to join republicans as he just doesn't get heard
  12. You should look into Pakistan more, their government is corrupt, do you know that they secretly condone civilian deaths caused by drone strikes.. They publicly support the civilians who demonstrate in public while secretly condoning them..
  13. Yes fortunately you don't always need to be psychic though to predict things
  14. Yes I agree with all that, im from England but American politics is important too as it affects the rest of the world, who do you want as the next president? ...In my opinion ron paul is the only man who has a chance of sorting the mess but he pulled out so that leaves me with no one who I want to be president
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