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  1. Unless they are driving the 72 (previously 71). The drivers are still getting lost trying to find their way into Crystal Peaks.
  2. I'm still getting them in my house. They seem to be attracted to the light because one swooped at my phone the other night while I was in bed. I have never shot out of bed so fast in my life!
  3. looking forward to the new arrivals ---------- Post added 20-02-2017 at 13:16 ---------- http://www.derby.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/parks-and-open-spaces/wildlife/peregrines/peregrine-camera-1/ one in the scrape at derby
  4. update - the meeting is now 7pm on the 17th so a lot more people will hopefully be able to attend ---------- Post added 08-02-2017 at 10:56 ---------- I now use the 70 as I moved to Westfield and two days in a row it hasn't turned up at all and I've had to walk to Killamarsh. When has the 50 ever gone near halfway?
  5. Not sure if everyone is aware but from the end of January the 72 bus service will be cut. The 71 will be renamed 72 and instead of going via mosborough it will be going to crystal peaks and along the parkway to sheffield. It will still run once an hour. There will only be about 4 buses a day that will travel via mosborough (ridiculously early times and then late times) If this route change affects you, there will be a meeting on 17th February at 11.00am at the Leisure Centre in Killamarsh. Just thought I'd try and get the word out.
  6. the four hour waiting is rubbish. my sister waited 4 hours then after 4 hours she was told she would have to wait another 4 hours. So basically they reset the waiting times every 4 hours.
  7. I've had people behind me at football matches singing racist chants and I've turned round and told them to shut up. I wish more people were like the OP and spoke up.
  8. I used to get it explained every time I went but most people who go are return visitors so they probably don't feel the need to keep explaining it.
  9. my stagecoach smart card was set up online to take a direct debit every month so I never have to mess about topping it up.
  10. I was thinking the same, it is meant to open 2017 but they haven't even cleared the site to start building yet
  11. Depends on your doctor really, mine has a tendency to ignore my symptoms and use the blood test as to how they medicate me. Ask them to test vitamin levels too. They don't seem to test whether you are converting the T4 into T3. I asked and was shot down immediately with "we don't do that". Good luck x
  12. I've had my Indesit washer / dryer for 11 years and it is still going strong!
  13. I unplug everything but the fridge and the washer (can't reach the back of the washer)
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