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  1. Right... I have an old PC with a Gigabyte P45 chipset mainboard and few days ago decided it's time to improve storage capacity. Being busy and mislead by another forum decided to go for a 3TB WD Black hard drive without realising there's a need for the mainboard to support UEFI. So I've ended up with a 3TB drive which is useless but I'm not pretty happy to bounce it back by post to its origin. I'd rather upgrade the mainboard, cpu and ram but the system is rarely used more than several hours a day. So the question is: Is this card a workaround for the problem above? https://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=CC-004-SR&tool=3 I am not desperate for speed so if this makes it work even at lower speeds I'm fine with it.
  2. Any info for this year? Tried the sheffield council website but couldn't find anything.
  3. Stanstead airport is even more fun. First hour is six quid but every next one is twenty quid.
  4. Just curious guys. I parked right outside Homebase shop at Drakehouse today and saw a police officer walking around cars looking at license plates and taking notes in a notebook... I can't figure out still what could be the reason the police would use such obsolete methods to catch criminals if that's what they were really doing. Really odd. Any ideas or suggestions?
  5. Hi guys, does anyone know how the timing of staircase lights is being adjusted? For example now the lights are switched on at 1 pm when the sun is still shining and they are off at 7 o'clock in the morning when it's really dark. It's a council building so I presume council has a mechanism to adjust the timing. Where am I supposed to send my complaint? Already tried council's public e-mail: no response whatsoever. Many thanks!
  6. Many thanks for the answers! It clears the situation and we shall think how to progress further with this company. Thanks once again and sorry for replying so late.
  7. I have a question regarding self employment. My GF started working for a company on a self employed basis. Initially they asked her to go their office and do some work two or maximum three days a week and she would just issue them an invoice at the end of the month for her services. That started about eight months ago. The last two or three months she's been working at their office 5 days a week and eight hours a day and it takes her about one and a half hour to get to work. She hasn't been given a contract or anything. Is this a common practice or is there something wrong in all this? In my opinion if a person is regularly traveling to work for so long he/she should be given at least a contract.
  8. Something similar? http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/excel-help/customize-a-parameter-query-HP010216113.aspx
  9. We had our company party at Sitwell Arms. And it was good.
  10. I had a good laugh! <REMOVED> pigeons still there...
  11. I was thinking about the bin but rubbish is collected on Mondays so it might stink pretty badly till that time.
  12. For some reason there are two dead pigeons in our loan. They either had something bad to eat or got killed by an animal although no sings of fight are present. What am I supposed to do with them before they start to stink under our window? Any good ideas appreciated.
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