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  1. Cheers, had a niggling thought I had screwed up my new lappy , will stick with opendns for a bit.
  2. Swapped to opendns and all is OK. Anyone else seeing this? Steve
  3. Me too, I saw it in S6, I am near the Barracks, it was in the sky to the north east. Very bright, very fast, bluish green, coming down at a steep angle. Thought it was a firework, it was so bright.
  4. GPS has probably already gone, signal should not be a problem (AFAIK). You may think the GPS is working, but it is probably just using the cell towers. Once you put 6.15 on there is no way back, you cannot downgrade the baseband. I would re-jailbreak it and unlock it.
  5. Is it jailbroken? I assume it is as you have put the iPad baseband on it. Download ultrasn0w from Cydia and unlock for free.
  6. No am a passenger, just crap at typing on phone it is hard work
  7. Building on fire big plume of smoke near prince of Wales road turning just below school (waltheof?) hard to type on my phone oh am now on m1:)
  8. Would like to thank forum user jcoventry for repasting my laptop for a reasonable price. Found his name in this thread: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=751791&highlight=jcoventry He picked it up just after 1pm, returned just after 3pm. It is now running a lot lot cooler (a good 10-15 deg C cooler). No connection with him in anyway, just a satisfied customer!
  9. I was having heat problems on my Dell Inspiron. I contacted Jcoventry, he is cheap, provided a professional service and I would definitely recommend him: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?p=7733691#post7733691 Laptop is running a lot cooler.
  10. Bumble or Honey bees? Bumble bees go mad for nectar from Lime trees (I think thats the one), get very drunk on it and die.
  11. I use: Xmarks Cooliris Speed dial Ad Block Plus Auto pager All-in-one gestures
  12. Group of elderly "musicians" require a singer. We currently have all the gear and a place to rehearse, but need a singer. Will play pretty much anything (except Country and/or Western). Rehearsals are on a Thursday evening at a pub in Upperthorpe. PM me for more details. we currently have bass player, drummer and guitarist (me, the youngest at only 48!). So come and join us for a few beers and see how it goes.
  13. Well bkcin reckons arond 29kbs, I downloaded a test image from him of 1.3mb in around 29 seconds (you do the maths!!!). I only get around the same speed on ftp from a fellow forum user (also on Virgin - notorious for trafic shaping), so a useful tool for transferring files to friends and family.
  14. As bkcin is off out, any more voluteers?
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