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  1. I worked on the Railway with Graham Palfreyman in the 1960s I think he came from Swallownest . He married Wendy O'Grady from Handsworth and emigrated to Australia .
  2. Hello Alba , I've lived in Handsworth all my life nearly 70 yrs. I went to Handsworth Infants in the white huts which were at the back , then Athelstan and on to Brook. I remember the Riviera Club which was in the chapel on Hendon St. I then graduated to the pubs , Old Crown Cross Keys, Turf , New Crown and both clubs ,Everest , Anglers and Norfolk too. Old Crown is the only one I use regularly now though, I do a bit of voluntary work trying to keep the rec a bit decent but I think Handsworth has gone down the nick a lot since I was a kid.
  3. Hello Alba. I remember one year when it was behind the club they had the Flying Chairs, or whatever they called them . I was with a gang of young lads trying to look up the girls skirts as they came flying past . The first thing that happened was somebody's shoe came off and hit a lad on the head then somebody was sick . Great days anyway.
  4. I had four first loves, Mary Plant from Parson Cross, went in the Army, Cathleen Wearin from Dinnington, I heard she now runs a hotel in the Lake District, Lorraine Smith from Wallace Rd. Parkwood Springs, Janet Bollington from Stradbroke. All maiden names of course, would be nice to get in touch again.
  5. When I was a kid in the 1950s my Grandmother and me would sometimes walk down from Handsworth to Darnall to catch the No 2 Circular on Greenland Rd. and do the complete circle. When the conductor came for the fares Grandma would say One and a half to Darnall please.
  6. My Mother Margaret Redfern worked there in the late 50s and 60s in the stores I believe, She was a friend of Barbara Cruise.
  7. The other cinema was Darnall Cinema known as the Little Bug Hut opposite the Wellington.
  8. My Great Grandfather Walter Pearce was a Master Coachpainter at Craven and worked on the royal train for the King of Siam.The story goes that while the train was over there it got damaged somehow, and the King paid for a gang of men To go over to repair it. He suffered with Parkinson's disease in later life, but they used to say put a paintbrush or a pint of beer in his hand and he was steady as a rock. My Frather Walt Redfern worked there in the 50s and 60s too. During the Blitz they dropped a land mine on Cravens but it didn't do as much damage as Maggie Thatcher did.
  9. Thanks again for putting this film on .I was a fireman at Darnall and Tinsley during the time the film was made, never saw them doing it though,I knew some of the old drivers especially the driver on the electric. I fired for him a few times when he came to Tinsley. Brought back a lot of good memories, wish I could do it all again.
  10. I used to go out with Lorraine Smith in the 1970s would be nice to get in touch with her again.
  11. Don't suppose you want any part time drivers days or nights.
  12. Hi , I went to Brook-1959-1962. 1st. year was Mrs.Sedgewick 2nd. year Mr.Schofield 3rd.year Mr.Cox 4th.year Mr.Gillott and Mr.Stokes Others were Mr.Shaw (Humbug) Mrs.Pearson (Bertha) Mr. Hallatt (Onit) Mr. Oates,Mrs.Linacre,Mr.Griffiths,Mr. Birch, Mr.Barker,Miss Ward, and a few more whose names I cant think of now. Ray Middleton lives just round the corner from me but is not in the best of health.
  13. Many thanks dosxuk, yes the clock was the problem, all working o.k. now, again thanks for the help.
  14. Can anybody help please, I can't access my Hotmail account all I keep getting is SECURE CONNECTION FAILED An error occurred during a connection to mail . live . com the ocsp response is not yet valid (contains a date in the future) (error code : sec-error-ocsp-future response) the page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the of the received data could not be verified. is there a fault with my computer?
  15. I can remember when people used to do their own car washing.
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