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  1. I had the same issues and it was egr valve and lambda sensor. Best thing to do is look at any stored fault codes you have. get in the car press the brake pedal down and the accelerator pedal and keep them held down then turn on the ignition with the key but dont start the engine just so the dash lights all come on, all the time keeping the pedals held down. Any fault codes should appear in sequence on the dashboard where the mileage is usually shown. Write these down and it will give some ideas where to look
  2. think someone might be having a laugh after someone described a cormorant on here last year in the same place as a penguin? just going by the black/yellow small wings torpedo under water. search penguins in hillsborough
  3. the cheapest direct trains from sheff to st pancras are from the operator, east midlands trains site, they have so many cheap tickets per train so the earlier you book the better
  4. my car said i wish my wives were this dirty???
  5. here you go http://www.morrisons.co.uk/Store-Finder/Store-Finder-results/?type=qs&value=s6
  6. just hope that there is a co pilot on your flight
  7. I work next to kelham island and when i start at 6am i drive down rutland road and cut through to ball street and always see them early, when i stop to nip into the newsagents there sometimes they come snooping around but when i dive into the shop they get the idea im just getting my paper!! Before the new ring road was built they used to hang around my work alot even nipping in for a coffee or to beg a cigarette!! dont get them now but last week when i rolled up at work i found about 30-40 hyperdermic needles on the floor in a pile outside the door and had to ring the council to come and shift em
  8. hi can anyone direct me to a store in sheffield that sells invisible shield phone covers ?
  9. shades of arnie in commano, when he bumps the guy off then tells the air hostess "please dont wake my friend hes dead tired" !!!
  10. http://www.hiramwild.com/SheffieldCutleryCat.pdf
  11. for a basic service you are obviously going to do oil and filter, then i would also change fuel and air filter aswell. you could change the glow plugs also, which while not as important to a diesel engine as spark plugs are to a petrol, they will help you start the car when the temperature drops. another thing i would suggest is make sure you battery is in good condition as this is hard worked on starting diesels and when old will cause starting problems, and not being able to bump diesels it could leave you stuck somewhere..
  12. hi, me and 2 mates went to norfolk last feb pike fishing!! yes it was cold. but the company we used was called freedomboatingholidays, give them a search, we had a great time even though the fishing wasnt up to much...
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdjXs22jygw
  14. thing is if they make 3-4 deliveries an hour which is being conservative especialy at weekends, they can make around £10 an hour tips plus his minimum wage, whilst people slave by on just the minimum wage doing hard jobs yet the delivery drivers are laughing , come on its not hard work driving around going down a path here and there.
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