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  1. An irony here for me is the amount of thought that was supposed to have been put in to the St James Retail traffic flows - and it is still an idiotic road layout My mother in law lives opposite and, along with many of her neighbours, they campaigned to have decent access - because they feared everyone would park on their road to walk in. Which lots now do, clogging quiet residential streets Personally avoid driving when I can, but public transport in Sheffield is, in my experience, pretty dire. Easily 90 mins each way to travel 6 miles by bus. Can do the same trip by e-bike in 20 - 30 minutes or so, but too few decent cycle routes and too many near misses Used to work in Manchester. The commute by train was about an hour but £150 a week to stand both ways - generally quicker than moving a handful of miles around Sheffield though
  2. this is a whole bay top and flashing, about 10 x 3 ft bay, probably 40sq ft of lead pinched - took me months to save up to get the job done
  3. We got done yesterday, stripped a big bay top, neighbours didn't see anything but there is a camera - so fingers crossed Not sure of it will help someone else avoid the same fate just before Christmas. If you have a camera, or have been meaning to get one then maybe this will nudge that forwards - it was heavy gauge lead (forget the grade) the guys who fitted it years ago needed scaffold and 3 men to get it up there and reckoned it would be incredibly hard to steal due to the sheer weight of the main piece. Assume its already flogged on to some ***** . . . spent weeks restoring the old bay, mostly myself as we dont have much money, absolutely gutted Not sure what to replace it with
  4. We had a little visitor yesterday . . . They stole a millstone from our front garden, it mostly decorative and partly there to help my sister in law get up the steps Just a heads up in case you have stuff like this in the garden, someone might be looking for more - if you got offered one in the pub let me know, I have the dimensions and pictures . . . Not sure if its even worth reporting it to the police, a dog walker friend has some info that might help but dont really want to get in to grief - thoughts?
  5. please share your stories to make me feel better last year I did a load of external paintwork on our house, took several days to do the prep, and I finally went to bed happy with all the prep and 1st undercoat finally done - it rained in the night and wrecked the undercoat. A week ago I finally plucked up courage to strip it all and start again - its taken all week getting fired in the sun at times. Last night the second gloss went on to finish and this morning I wake up to rain . . . . omg!!!
  6. Weird looking bikes with swept back handlebars, no gears and no brakes? just seen 2 kids with one, reported to police rather than approach them myself idiots - if they are dim enough to steal such distinctive kit and ride it round just up the road then they deserve to get caught
  7. http://www.techsupportalert.com/ for many years the finest, most useful freeware site - though I am interest to look at some of the other links here. It used to be if Gizmo didnt list it it probably wasnt any good . . .
  8. thanks Ghozer - it is all sorts of stuff really and its getting annoying to work around - most recently a weeks work in Publisher had to be be reformated and refonted I use 2010 for all my clients and content and dont want to have to mess about with some stuff in older formats. Also it would be helpful to have PDF creator inside Office, which I gather isnt in early versions my concern with Office is that 2010 is getting harder to get hold of as Microsoft push 365 and its outrageously restricted licensing
  9. this seems to be fraught with risks but I am after a proper copy of Office 2010 Professional for a sensible price (eg under £100) for a business collaborator who has a much older version of Office (and we keep having compatibility issues) Ebay is full of them but there seems no way of being sure you are getting If it helps I already have a set of DVDs from my own install
  10. I am looking to do a marketing campaign for my business in the next few weeks and plan to buy a bunch of phone numbers for cold calling MarketingFile came recommended by a friend and their search allows some good discrimination of roles etc But I am interested to hear who else people use as the time commitment will be pretty huge and I don't want to be using an average list if a better source exists thanks
  11. not much extra stuff but 20 odd images (all little GIFs) and only 2 pages of text been googling for a solution but there doesn't seem to be a way to add images "as is" without Word messing about Publisher seems to be just as bad, so I am now wondering about Open Office
  12. I might be missing something obvious, but if I add a bunch of GIF images, with a total file size of less than 700k, to a Word doc does it zoom up to 4MB?! Have tinkered with Word settings and Picture compression and it reduced 4MB to 3.8MB - ?! any suggestions how can I sort this?
  13. thanks gazza, offer was £135 which seemed ok
  14. me too! whats a 2000 Astra likely to be worth? wont start so it would need collection/tow
  15. I need a good thick piece of ply (18mm or thicker) cut to size but have no clue where to get that in Sheffield without buying a sheet - any suggestions?
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