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  1. Thaaaaanx guys.. That's really helps.. Thanks alot
  2. Unfortunately, I can't move to Hull.. My wife is doing the PhD in Sheffield University. Any other ideas guys?
  3. Hi, I will need to commute daily from Sheffield to University of Hull:cool:.. Therefore, I need to use (Sheffield Tram+Trains+Hull Busses).. What is the cheapest way to do that? Is there any Master Ticket I could pay for? I heard about south Yorkshire ticket.. Is that appropriate to my case?:confused: Please help guys.. :help:
  4. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help and give me some advice? I am a student living in Sheffield.. I am going to start the master program in University of Hull.. I am going to need to commute from Sheffield to (I might need to use Sheffield Tram + Train + Hull Buses) at peak times and am wondering what the cheapest way of doing this ? Does anyone have any experience of this and which is likely to work out cheaper and better in the long run? Thanks!!
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