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  1. I remember reading an article about this. If someone blocks your driveway when your car is parked on the driveway, that is illegal. The reasoning is - if you have an emergency (medical or otherwise) that requires you to use your car, the car that is preventing you from leaving in your car is causing a Health & Safety issue. On the other hand, if someone blocks your driveway when you need to park your car on the driveway, it is causing an inconvenience but not causing a Health & Safety issue as you can always park elsewhere and enter your house.
  2. Thanks all. I have a friend visiting from abroad, and wanted to give him a taste of watching an English football game live. My first preference would have been a United game as they play in the Premier League, but considering all the hoops that they are making first time visitors jump through, I guess I will have to consider a Sheffield Wednesday game. I had been to one of the Wednesday games a few years ago and the tickets were relatively easier to obtain.
  3. I have been trying to get tickets for the home matches of Sheffield United, and every time I visit the website to buy some, I am informed that I need a minimum number of "Loyalty Points" to be eligible to buy the tickets. Apparently, loyalty points are earned by buying tickets. So how do I earn the my first set of loyalty points to buy my first ticket? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
  4. That would imply that by passing on your intelligence to your offspring(s), your own intelligence would reduce - which I am sure is not the case. A better parallel would perhaps be to compare intelligence to a candle that can spread the light. Intelligence may be related to genes, but not to the extent that it seems because when we compare an intelligence of an offspring to the parents, we need to take into account that intelligent parents are more likely to create an environment at home that would aid the mental development of their kids, which would contribute to their thinking abilities as they grow. Going to Universities or reading a lot can make people "knowledgeable" but not "Intelligent" in my opinion. I have known a few students in my school who used to ply their books for hours every day and scored well in exams - these were knowledgeable. But if we ever had a general knowledge test, they'd be blank because they knoew very little outside their text books. Intelligence can perhaps be described as the ability to figure out something you don't know, based on all the things you do know.
  5. Are the tennis courts at Hillsborough Park no longer free? I went there last week and they were all fenced up with a code needed for entry. There were also some informative signs asking people to sign up for a paid-membership which also enables you to book courts online. Does anyone know when these changes happened? Also, if there are people here who would like to play a game of tennis (beginner to intermediate level) please let me know and we can arrange a game some time.
  6. It's open now, it was closed earlier because the owner had some health issues in his family.
  7. Does anyone know what's happening with the Kebabish on London Road? It seems to be closed for the past few days.
  8. I am looking for recommendations for a garage for servicing a 9 year old Honda car. Honda dealerships are not an option, as they are very expensive. If anyone here has serviced their Honda cars at a garage in Sheffield and found it to be reliable, please share your feedback. I have seen other thread on the forum on similar subjects, but they are all at least 3 years old.
  9. This article might be of help to you. https://www.isunshare.com/windows-10-password/change-windows-10-password-without-knowing-current-password.html
  10. Akbar's off West Street is very good, as is Abdul's opposite the Waitrose in town. ---------- Post added 25-04-2018 at 19:44 ---------- There's one on Middlewood Road named "Two States", just behind the Hillsborough Park tram stop which is quite good, although I must admit I have not been there for the last three months.
  11. I had a similar problem at my previous house and I can recommend these http://www.wilko.com/pest-control/rentokil-advanced-mouse-trap-twin/invt/0471331 I just used a small piece of chocolate as bait, and the mice were trapped on the very first night. Be careful when setting up the trap though, as the trap is very sensitive to the slightest touch (which is what you want) and the spring is strong enough to cause damage to your finger.
  12. I am looking for recommendations for a domestic cleaner in the S6 area of Sheffield. There are a few threads related to this, but all of them are at least a few years old. Starting a new thread as this should hopefully help others who are also looking for help with their cleaning.
  13. Racquets on Division Street closed down a few years ago. You can try this https://www.clubrackets.com/
  14. Just checked out hostinguk.net and whatever they offer for £1.66 is good value for money. The biggest plus point would be that they offer 25 mailboxes for that price. Thanks Andy
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