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  1. Ceasar has been spotted moving between the stroke unit, Park grange Croft flats, the entrance to Norfolk park and heritage park school. He is no longer wearing his collar, if you catch his eyes by light, he has one green eye one orangy eye, please please help if you can to keep a lookout for him. Thank you.
  2. Granville Road S2 Hi all, We had an attempted break in during the night and our little black cat is missing. He hasn’t returned home and now we’re seriously panicking. We’ve been out looking and calling all afternoon. He’s a little black cat, very skittish and nervous of people, with a yellow collar and a name tag. He has a little patch of white on his chest. He’s very small and slim and looks elderly/underweight due to an op for significant hip dysplasia. He requires daily medication for Fiv, arthritis and stomatitis. He’s also partially blind. Please keep a look out, there’s no way he’s capable of fending for himself and we’re worried sick.
  3. Does anyone know anything about the derelict garages just off Granville Road, by the park entrance, just curious as a friends house backs onto them, and they don't know anything about them. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have a little boy with autism and we've recently moved to Walkley. The reception is full but we could be on the waiting list due to catchment. He's really vulnerable to bullying and I want him to get the best support possible. I just wondered if others had opinions? Also there is a space at Bradfied Dungworth that looks a lovely little rural school and also worth considering, any opinions for that one too please? Thanks
  5. White acres farm on spout lane in Stannington do them afaik
  6. There are plenty of good quality internet high schools Inter high Oxford home schooling Briteschool The little school house All worth a look at
  7. Hi, there is a great website SYHEC South Yorkshire Home Educating Community that is a great starting point - we are a huge community http://syhec.co.uk
  8. Traumatised, hungry but didn't appear dehydrated. Think she must have had a source of water somehow, had a few night terrors but seems more settled now. They're all staying in now till I can order some cat trackers!!!
  9. Hi, I do, what do you need to know?
  10. omg we were talking about this last night, it sounds like a steel drum, or steel hammers, really regular and yes we're by the gas towers too.
  11. already put a post on :{ poor 'fat cat' my binky baby, grumpy, miserable and thoroughly bad tempered that she is, we're missing her like mad
  12. No, she has regular check ups with Highfield vets, she is a largely built girl, and she has a bit of a tum, we affectionately call her 'Fat cat' as she likes to lie down at such an angle that her tummy spreads. ---------- Post added 08-10-2015 at 21:21 ---------- Home - had been stuck in someone's shed!!!!
  13. Kip Mcgrath have been brilliant with my daughter, way above and beyond what you'd expect from any tutor. I cannot thank them enough for the support for my little girl who had to be removed from school due to acute anxiety. She continues to flourish academically and is now far ahead of her peers. The office is on Campo Lane.
  14. Thanks Teeny it's not her - just phoning Animal Search now to get posters organised - just can't believe it, the one cat I thought we'd lose is refusing to leave the house!! And the one who never left the garden has gone??! I ask you!!
  15. How do I add a photo again? Been a while lol ---------- Post added 02-10-2015 at 19:20 ---------- Put her in avatar
  16. Our fat cat has gone missing me thinks. We moved to S6 Ruskin Park 3 weeks ago, let her out hungry this morning, for the first time, she's disappeared. This cat rarely goes off the garden?! I've left out her tray and blankie all day so she can scent her way home but tbh thought she would be back by now. Now concerned Please check sheds etc. If anyone sees a part Bengal/tabby cat mix, she's a big girl about 5kg, with a black 'do not feed me' collar with a blue 'please scan me' tag, anywhere between Ruskin Park and Maltravers Road, Wybourn - may be making her way back to her old house, please let me know. Screeches to Jade. Thanks all.
  17. I'm so sorry she's missing. I know it's not nice but have you ring the council and asked if she was picked up, if she'd been hit by a car? Have you put posters up around that area? I hope she comes home x
  18. Hi, Can any of you knowledgeable people please recommend a good and sensibly priced solicitor or conveyancer? It's a straight forward house sale, no purchase after. Thank you
  19. Kip McGrath on Campo Lane, been teaching my daughter for years, she's so far ahead, and school were failing her so miserably, she's now home ed and kip teaches her both Maths and English.
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