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  1. We understand that improvements may be made to the Sheffield Midland - Lincoln / Cleethorpes via Brigg lines in the near future. With new signaling work taking place on the Lincoln line it will only be a matter of time before a better Sunday service is up and running, this is because the old style signal boxs will be replaced, sadly at present Network Rail refuse to put a morning shift in them thus meaning the first Lincoln bound train on a Sunday leaves mid afternoon
  2. We dont feel that OAP's should be able to travel on the "Train" in areas that are controled by passenger transport executive's for free. E.g an OAP can travel from Sheffield Midland to Huddersfield or Leeds for free ( after 0930 am Monday - Friday and all day Sat/Sun ) We think they should pay the same as a under 16 has to pay which is 70p single ticket. Your views please ?
  3. One of our admin team inform us that a number of First buses across the South Yorkshire fleet are rejects from other parts of the UK, a number of buses in Doncaster are ex London Transport buses that are nearly 12 years old
  4. A number of us shop in Chesterfield, you can still park on a number of the side roads near the old Saltergate Chesterfield FC ground for free.
  5. One of our admin team is going tomorrow, the plan was to go down by train but because of privatisation even the advance fares were eyewatering
  6. Weve not had a bus related post for ages what is going on To be fair if we all thought the same the world would be a boring place
  7. According to the socal media a number of ex pit villages are hiring coaches to take them to London for her funeral. One of our admin team is going down by public transport. Out of interest anyone else going from Sheffield / South Yorkshire to pay their respects / dis-respects ?
  8. Were wondering how many people in Pit Villages have hangovers this morning ?
  9. Weve seen on the fixmystreet site that it is full of reports of fly tipping each and every day
  10. This seems to be a popular subject on here and on our facebook page, We know their were early trains around 3am that left for fishing trips in the 1950's and 60's
  11. We thought the "brains" behind the DVS was ex leader of the council Mike Bower ?
  12. I bet Le*ds nick that title now, they will be rubbing their hands with delight over this news
  13. Try the old railway station site at Sheffield Victoria next to the Victoria Station Hotel ( Holiday Inn )
  14. A request has been popped in to East Midland Trains for them to look into running Saturday services in the summer timetable from Sheffield Midland - Skegness , either via Worksop, Gainsborough & Lincoln or via Nottingham. If this service was to run would you use it ? If so please let EMT know their is a demand. http://www.eastmidlandstrains.co.uk/site-information/contact-east-midlands-trains/feedback-form/
  15. Weve signed it. Is anyone in Dore ? Can you knock on Jessica's house and ask her to sign in
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