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  1. It's in the thread title.. Although you should know that anyway..
  2. That was away this is at home you let four in against them in the corresponding game last season.
  3. That makes a mockery of this thread then.:hihi:.....
  4. Ganja is the second largest city in Azebaijan. It is aslo a slang word for marijuana and I very much doubt any shop is openly selling it.
  5. Lets get back on track then Doncaster have scored 6 away from home and we have scored 7 at home so there could be a few goals in this game.
  6. I remember one of his brothers from the seventies when we had Yamaha FS1E's
  7. Yes that's correct I still see my uncle Trevor quite often.
  8. I have relatives who lived on there they a called Easton, Shane, Tina, Cheryl, Trevor, Beverly, Jaqueline.
  9. Three debut players the squad finding their feet I still state we will storm this league. All you nit picking owls no doubt will make a note of this post. Blades automatic promotion is nailed on get your money on it I have.
  10. LOL. Sorry should say thirty bob salads but thankyou for taking the time to read my post.:hihi:.
  11. Who would you suggest from your development squad.
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