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  1. It was banjo but you have to admit keeping Corbyn didn't help either.
  2. Nice to see you're still having a listen to toby, steve.
  3. My pitiful lack of knowledge on this subject? I know far more about this subject than you realise. You have a typical liberal attitude. It is possible to be weaned off heroin without the severe side effects but you would know that. So who makes them carry on using? Crass ignorance is thinking addicts have no other choice.
  4. How is it rubbish toby, it's reality , no doubt you will know some heroin addicts that will say its not but obviously you know more on the subject than me.
  5. Idiotic? its a self inflicted condition, the need and the side effects can be avoided if heroin use is stopped. Who forces addicts to carry on? themselves.
  6. Its a choice, there's plenty of help to get off heroin but the choice is not to. I know this is true, not misguided or wrong, my info comes from addicts I know, some have been on it for many years. I agree the war on drugs is a waste of time but prescription heroin would increase the problem. How much per day per person? just enough to stop withdrawal ? if so the street dealers would still be serving.
  7. Different thing entirely, nobody is diabetic or depressed through choice, heroin is a choice. Do you actually know any addicts?
  8. Not really alch , the bbc is just another tax ,carboot has a valid point.It's not fair that you have to pay for something you wouldn't miss. It's time for the bbc to be self supporting either by ads or pay to view. It peeves me to pay towards bowls ,snooker,golf, cricket, and the likes of ballroom dancing , finish the licence now.
  9. Common sense tells me that prescribed heroin = more addicts that will be less liable to come off it. This is my point, for how long will an addict be prescribed heroin? there would have to be a limit, then what happens? back to the dealer it would seem so little change there.
  10. So you think all junkies want to be clean? if you do you are mistaken. Bodies will be needed for this to work, the only people to benefit from this scheme will be addicts and the bodies that run the scheme. Why is it that the heroin substitute programme hasn't worked? its free and easy to obtain. So you think that giving the real thing will make the drug dealers world collapse?
  11. I have been on statins for over 10 yrs now, I have had 4 heart attacks, three of them while on statins. I had problems with them at the beginning but changed types and have been ok since . The chesterman at ngh have kept me going so far. My advice would be to take them because heart attacks are very painful.
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