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  1. Most of px park was a tip, the Adlington rd side was a cornfield. The tip was my playground when I was young, I preferred it to the new park. I can remember the massive earth movers and en tout cas bulldozers levelling the two hills of earth one buchanan side, the other Lindsay side.I was sick when my den was knocked down.
  2. Why would the eu have saved british steel? they didn't save any of the others.
  3. You're really full of democracy, when it suits your pov.
  4. Not round here there wasn't, the mink that were released were the first, those that survived that is.
  5. No mink in the don until the animal rights released them without thinking of the effects on other species. All mink in this country are descended from fur farm escapees.
  6. I would gladly listen to any session for what they are paid. I have spent a good part of my working life away from home, I have always had some kind of living allowance in with job. There is no mystery to doing this,its just common sense.
  7. Wormwood scrubs would do them fine, they would be safer there .
  8. Looks like Assange is going to have a few years holiday in the US, but Corbin may save him. Tatchell is as liberal as anyone could be but is a ******** too.
  9. The facts are that not one person can spot on say what the outcome will be. Remember joining the euro predictions more doom and gloom was predicted, but it turned out ok for us.
  10. I made some skis with butter barrel staves, never got the hang of it though.
  11. We should be out now, mps have had time to come to some kind of agreement but failed, so why drag this out for longer? All leavers want out, hence the leave vote. As for shouting the loudest, the bloke out side the hp takes some beating "stop Brexit" is his favourite.
  12. Not really mel, there's plenty that would leave with no deal.
  13. Not that confusing, the remainers want the one foot in one out deal, the leavers want both feet out.
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