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  1. I've been accepted but my mrs hasn't so she has got the letter,
  2. Says a lot when his deputy resigns as an election is called , fierce loyalty no doubt.
  3. When his own mp says he's not fit to be pm , that's not the power of the press You may be accused of inventing these lifelong labour voters, because banjo thinks these people don't exist.
  4. Have they had a poll on that 99.9, you may as well make it 100.
  5. No need for the question mark , the gist of what his reason was momentum and the centre of the party. Would I invent a bloke to ask banjo an honest question. I wouldn't call Corbyn an anti-Semite but a supporter of Palestines cause.
  6. Banjo, I wonder if you think Corbyn will cost the party votes. The reason I ask is I have just been speaking to a bright 80 plus man,a lifelong socialist who will not be voting labour while Corbyn is leader. This isn't the first person to say the same to me.
  7. Put it this way pettytom, I can have a free bus pass but not bothered to apply. This is my choice not to use public transport , I also would never use trains for the same reason, they are not reliable . I'm sure I'm not the only person on here that's never been on the tram .
  8. Regulation could work but policing it would be difficult.
  9. So less votes for Brexit then, does it include those who could vote but didn't.
  10. No, I don't see why folk who do not use buses help pay for council run buses.
  11. They are and were so why deny it, you hoping it is the opposite doesn't make it true. It is leave with the best deal, if the tories get a majority it will be leave.
  12. Theres also a huge number that want Brexit and voted leave, and that is democracy.
  13. Are you mad, its because of remainers we are in this mess. As for fitting the result of the referendum,its just as likely to be leavers favour as remainers.
  14. The majority who could vote won , so how ever you put it democracy should be observed.
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