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  1. Her comment " do they think I'm thick" is a classic, judging some of her interviews.
  2. Its the 21st century and millions of gullible people still think we are here to suit some beings whim why ? still no proof of any such being so why bother with such myths?
  3. You must know Monica ,she was there at least 40 yrs.
  4. I lived on wallace rd near the bridge end and remember the real community feeling from day one. It was a close knit village, a lot were related and as cuttsie said all the local amenities were there, I loved my time there but the housing stock was in a bad state, mine was rented from the railway and was falling to bits.
  5. The idea of nato is good but in practice is no good, a collection of the unwilling.
  6. Bet he gets funded and probably gets rich out of his story, he is some peoples hero believe it or not.
  7. Yes trastrick, if trump was president world war 3 would have started weeks ago ,he would be mad enough.
  8. jowseys chippie, gower and burgins, paper shop womacks, charlies pork shop, can remember most of them.
  9. Try growing up and facing reality, ghosts do not exist, mediums ,afterlife and such has no real evidence.
  10. Assange should be freed now and allowed to go anywhere he choses, if only there were more like him we would be much better informed.
  11. Had a den on the hill that used to be where the swings are now in px park ,dugout with steel roof and carpet on the floor.
  12. It was banjo but you have to admit keeping Corbyn didn't help either.
  13. Nice to see you're still having a listen to toby, steve.
  14. My pitiful lack of knowledge on this subject? I know far more about this subject than you realise. You have a typical liberal attitude. It is possible to be weaned off heroin without the severe side effects but you would know that. So who makes them carry on using? Crass ignorance is thinking addicts have no other choice.
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