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  1. I have been on statins for over 10 yrs now, I have had 4 heart attacks, three of them while on statins. I had problems with them at the beginning but changed types and have been ok since . The chesterman at ngh have kept me going so far. My advice would be to take them because heart attacks are very painful.
  2. The px pub is scruffy ash, don't think that helped. Would you have shopped there?
  3. How can you post something positive on here, not allowed, only negatives regarding Brexit.
  4. It was a Texaco and it did exist my other half worked there ,must have been 30yrs ago.
  5. Yes there was and before that it was gallahers of park drive cigs fame.
  6. Would you like a gamble ? momentum will be backing her or not, I know who my money will be on. For £25 anyone can vote for her and no doubt that will happen.
  7. Well do you think every bit of news confirming this is fake news?
  8. Well momentum backing long bailey , the worse thing that could happen. Can't they understand the uk don't want left wing government, it's just been proved.
  9. Welcome to the club bob , it sounds like arthritis, both my thumbs lock occasionally. Its worse in winter but part of getting older, anti inflammation creams give some relief .
  10. 0 hrs contracts need stopping now, it is there to save money for employers, no benefit to anyone who needs employment.
  11. Religious money making scam , started by a conman and followed by idiots.
  12. I bet they dare not put it to a vote.altus, you may be proved wrong. The days of royal s are numbered ,republic for me.
  13. Yes they did here, I can remember an empty mansion with air strip and helipad being patrolled by the sas that belonged to Edward, I think it was in Cheshire.
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