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  1. lottiecass

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Common sense should tell that she knew people were killed in Manchester, isis claimed responsibility for the bombing, and they tend not to bomb places devoid of people.
  2. Of course you are spot on, that's a present from the eu for Brexit.
  3. Nobody knows the actual numbers but 73-75 % of under 25 voted remain? funny enough I don't know 0ne person below 30yrs that voted remain.
  4. lottiecass

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    One thing is certain steve, you'll let us know how bad she is. Still tuning in to Toby?
  5. I don't think so, I am no spring chicken myself but millions of younger people voted leave as well, many had never voted before.
  6. So all pro Brexit folk are really cowards? you really live in a very secluded world if you think that would be the result of no Brexit, do you ever go out and talk to ordinary folk? Did you look at the age range of the pro Brexit march? You really think your opinions are facts, get out more and speak to people that aren't liberal,left or European, you may learn that they still want out.
  7. Civil unrest is why we couldn't, why do you think they are preparing for it? It looks like a no deal job, the only way that it can go from here. After 2yrs of nonsense from self serving mp's we are left with this bag of rubbish that nobody wants.
  8. For what owl? to have another two yrs of poor decisions leading nowhere.
  9. If this was your 6yr old would you be satisfied with the result? this wasn't a one off, it was over a 2yr span. Oh yes lottie has.
  10. The thing you are using is called the internet and it was on the news .
  11. I make my opinion on what was published, you say its pathetic, ask the 6yr olds parents who they agree with.
  12. Hopefully a review can alter that, and the judge wants sacking. Mitigation ,he was naïve.
  13. lottiecass

    Genocide being committed in Yemen

    No oil to rob banjo, I agree for a change media hate has a lot to answer for, not only hate but biased reporting needs looking at.
  14. you have put an absolute discharge means he will have a record,followed by the petition won't make it a criminal offence. I hope this is reviewed and he gets his proper justice, not this mockery.
  15. Easy, leave won the referendum so we leave.If you think the grass is greener in the eu why not nip over there? 27 countries to choose from. You can't grasp the fact that some people are just as keen to leave as you are to stay.

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