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  1. I am looking for a company/individual that could professionally edit 2 photographs for me. Basically I would like a person from 1 of the photographs to be put into replace the individual in the 2nd photograph. This is quite a sensitive request and would appreciate only qenuine replies. Thank you in advance.
  2. I appreciate that people are unhappy with the service of SYP but aswell as putting it on here maybe contact you local MPs. These are the ones making all of the Millions of pounds worth of cuts not only to our emergency services but also our local community. Before people start saying what's the point, nothing will get done-neither was putting it on here!! We can't expect the "ideal" response time and contact from the police when the numbers have been cut to such an extent as they have done.
  3. Hi I am looking for a performing arts/Drama School that would accept a 2 year old boy. Sheffield/Barnsley area. I have searched the internet but most schools start at 4 years old. Any advice greatly received. Thanks in advance Sam
  4. Looking for running buddy. I am just starting out running and would appreciate someone/group to run with. Please pm me with details. Thanks
  5. I'm looking for a flower arranging group/course in Sheffield. Please pm me with details. Thanks
  6. Hi I am looking at doing my own wedding flowers. I have been trying to locate an wholesale flower/sundries store that is open to the public. Does anyone know of anywhere that i could go to? Also is the Sheffield flower market still situated on the Parkway - location? Thanks all in advance
  7. I am due to have the work started on my house for the decent homes scheme. I would like to hear from anyone who has already had this done. What to expect, ie is it likely that i would need to re decorate post work etc Do they just replace the kitchen, bathroom, windows etc or do they alter/remodel the room, i have a pantry in my kitchen that i would like removing. Are there any colour schemes that i should stay clear of. What sort of time scale should i expect from receiving the initial letter to chosing the decor to completion. Any advice gratefully received. Thank you all in advance
  8. I have just moved into my first home and would like any recommendations re home insurance companies. I have a quote from a company but they only cover electrical eqp ie tvs computer eqp and hi fi's etc to £1500. Thank you all in advance
  9. Hi I am wanting to purchase several paintings/prints of Sheffield or from Sheffield Artists. I have been looking on the internet for locations to buy such items and apart from waiting for "art in the park" i have not been able to locate anything. Can anyone recommend anywhere that i may be able to visit. Also i have been looking for the name of the person that paints "Hendersons Relish" art, if anyone could help with this also. Many thanks
  10. I am considering purchasing a property from an auction. I have had a survey, which didn't show anything major or structually wrong with the property. I would like to know if there are any builders/tradesman that would be prepared to attend the property to give it the once over, so that there are no hidden surprises. I would also require a quote for work that i would like doing to the property if i was successful. All advie greatfully received. Thank you
  11. Hi all I'm considering becoming a member of "Spice" social group. I seem to have been socialising less and less over the past couple of years due to friends settling down/moving away etc. I thought that this may be a good idea to meet new friends and to get me out of the house. Is anyone a already a member an would you recommend it? Does Sheffield have another social group that i am not aware of. Thank you in advance.
  12. I recenlty went to a BBQ. All of the meat was from there - it was gorgeous. Everyone was asking where the meat was from and couldn't believe it. I have started getting meat from him now, always good quality.
  13. Please sign the petition,link below, and help us save the towers. http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?tct2&1 Many thanks
  14. Hi all I'm wanting to purchase a gps system in the New Year sales, i've had a look at many review centres on the www, of whom all give very mixed reviews. Could anyone recommend an easy to use unit, that gives spoken directions. I shall only be using it in the UK. Many thanks and a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a great NEW YEAR. Sam
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