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  1. My dog/puppy is one year old and needs to socialise with other dogs.I take her for walks everyday but cant let her off her lead around other dogs as she is extremely excited and boisterous due to not having a friend dog to walk with.. I am new to the area so dont have friends with dogs to walk with. I really feel that she needs dog friends to teach her a few doggy manners. I am not looking for a training class im looking for a socialisation type class.. would appreciate any advice or information.. im in the High Green area of Sheffield
  2. Hi would next weekend be ok for you? X
  3. Around 12pm would be great! X
  4. Hi could we call To buy and pick up on monday lunchtime as were in your area then? X
  5. Thankyou thats great if its 40mm weve got a deal and ill arrange pick up thanks again x
  6. Is it 40 mm thick and do you know anywhere we can have it cut to size? The price is fine. Thanks for your replies xx
  7. Hi could we buy a small piece we need 600mm deep by 350mm wide how much would you want for a piece that size? Many thanks
  8. Hi need less than a metre of beech wood worktop 40mm to finish off my kitchen. Does anyone out there know anywhere that will sell me a small piece as everywhere i try wants me to buy 3metres worth which would just be a waste. Many thanks
  9. I am looking for a good quality highly qualified hypnotherepist in the Sheffield area asap. What I dont want is a NLP practisioner. I need the type of hypnosis where your actually put under hypnosis not just positive suggestion. Any advice greatly appreciated. Many Thanx
  10. yes - we're in high green, posted a letter 6 weeks ago including a driving license, passport and a cheque for £245 and its 'lost' it never got the business we sent it to ultimate nightmare scenario!
  11. you flush it and...nothing, you have to take the top off to fill it up, i'm at my wits end has this happened to anyone out there? it must be some kind of blockage?
  12. thanks but its for my sister she has the glass already it just needs fitting = ]
  13. not sure which board to put this on but need this glass replacing asap due to house sale anyone recommend a joiner? please not jeff the joiner hes very good but always also very busy many thanks =)
  14. haven't read all the thread but if anyone says they dont miss it i bet they wasn't even around or they didn't even know it back in the day!
  15. thanks for all your replies SIA say they havent received anything an royal mail have said it must be lost, now my out of work son has lost his job (what this was relying on) and has to find cash to replace passport and license - gutted!
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