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  1. Im interested where abouts are you please?
  2. me too dicksby i know oldcoates is open all year round but i dont want to travel all that way for a poor turn out. can anyone please tell us where in sheffield are carboots this weekend? or if anyone has been going to oldcoates how full is it getting? thank you
  3. what about bus on Norfolk park? we have no direct route to moor
  4. hendersons tastes nothing like worchester sauce...i am addicted to bloody marys so im well aware of this. worchester sauce is not suitable for use by vegetarians where hendersons is. two completely different products which are labelled similar.
  5. yes vga imput. thanks steroc and thanks butler for your pm.
  6. eh? lol didnt think it went on size of your tv. well unless you get one on the never never.
  7. thank you for replying hd yes broadband yes smartphone yes sky is satellite dish with cables into the sky box
  8. hello can anyone be so kind to help me work this problem out. i am sick of paying too much money to sky so i am cancelling subscription as soon as i can watch movies on my big tv from netflix site. can you help? how do i watch films from my laptop on my big tv? sorry guys i am so computer illiterate it is unbelievable...oh and im a woman too any help is much appreciated.
  9. hello guys, im hoping someone can please advise me on how, where to go and how much to expect to pay to have a replacement eyelet fitted to my new curtains. i know i could take them back to shop but i got them at a bargain price due to the eyelet so im afraid thats not an option. please help.
  10. i know exactly where you are coming from!! i have a mastiff and id back his corner all the way. never has he turned and bitten anything. even when the little ankle biters such as jrt, miniature pincers, chihuahuas are ready for it and think they have some right to dart at my boy and rag his legs and oh the one time he was attacked by a staffy, has he ever retaliated. it was an awful thing what happened to the man and his dog but im sick of all the people that say our beautiful big babies should be pts based on their size. grow up its 2013. wheres the understanding on individuality?
  11. if my dog is loose i starve for 24 hours and then feed on bland diet such as chicken and rice. see how it goes. get vet advice if not happy
  12. maybe guard dogs on a yard? ---------- Post added 10-08-2013 at 10:56 ---------- id go with your instinct on this one because you are never going to settle. you are obviously worried now so chances are is that wont go away if you do sell to him. hope this helps
  13. please can anyone be so kind as to offer the direct telephone number for the blackstock waste site. thank you
  14. that as it maybe. However i was driving past the crown court in sheffield heading for derek dooley way and i look to my left... o what did i see? i was a police officer driving a van and talking on mobile phone. that is the truth. and that is that.
  15. very useful thread. happy i read it defo going to take my lads there tomorrow x
  16. there is these 2 trees, very large and right at the side of my house. the other year when the winds were terrible...every year in england. better than some countries granted. anyway a huge branch was snapped off and fell straight into the road. as you can imagine i am quite concerned. i have telephoned the housing association and they say it a councils issue. i have contacted the council....guess what?! yes its the housing associations issue. how do i get the monster tree pruned? im scared to death of its branches breaking off and falling onto the road, my house or garden. not only me but other residents maybe at risk to? help please. i think this tree needs pruning before the summer ends to be ready for the awful weather we get.
  17. my friend and i are finding it difficult to get through to ESA to speak to them regarding her benefits. they are asking to enter memorable information....she has no idea what it is. can we speak to anyone without imputting this information? help please
  18. no this is my claim for benefits. i have my friend come to live with me due to bedroom tax. i provide some care for him as he has mobility issues. the agreement is that he pays the non dependant charge. ---------- Post added 01-06-2013 at 10:48 ---------- eh? how can a lodger that pays minimal costs to cover non-dependant charge make the situation illegal and fraudulent? ---------- Post added 01-06-2013 at 10:49 ---------- i am liable for all costs of the rent as i rent the property solely.
  19. thanks for your reply. the housing benefit and council tax support says the lodger must have a tenancy agreement. it seems to be a load of fuss. wish i never started it.
  20. i have recently taken in a lodger. never done this before. ive been told that i need a tenancy agreement for him. im not sure how to get one or what to put in it. i dont want this to effect my benefits as its hard enough at the moment. want to sort it out as quickly as possible as rent arrears is now mounting up. can anyone please point me in the right direction? i have tried to ask them by telephoning them, after 40 mins of being on hold they wasnt very helpful.
  21. yes its a problem. something should be done.
  22. i used to work for them. yes great family business
  23. abbeycare and nursing plc sheffield paces pack horse lane high green
  24. it is thought that they reject all claims. you need to appeal and chances are it will be refused again. tribunal is the way. many applicants have had to go down the long drawn out process but those who are genuinely entitled will be awarded the benefit to help them support their selves.
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