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  1. I'm in the process of buying a house, at the stage of everything done except contract. I have arranged a mortgage for this. Is it possible to get a car loan before I exchange contract? would this affect my mortgage?
  2. Friends of mine are looking at a house there and want some advice. I have no idea about that area. There are a young couple with children.
  3. that's my question. is the price shown on land registry reliable?
  4. Is it just as stated by the owner when registering the property or it's legally obligated to be accurate?
  5. Possible at all? also anyone knows what is the feeder schools for King Ecgbert School?
  6. where exactly can one walk through the woods? doesn't show a route on the map. Is it somewhere on Prospect place? thanks again artdecoman.
  7. many thanks artdecoman. I wonder what about transport to city there? It looks like a bit further away from the city, almost as far as Dronfield. Is it easy to get to the city on a daily basis?
  8. the upper corner of bradway below poynton wood? what is like there? is it a nice area?
  9. how about better in this priority order? (1) schools (2) safe area for family (3) transport links (4) value for money (5) amenities
  10. recommendations or comments are all welcome, many thanks. thinks to consider in priority order: (1) schools (2) safe area for family (3) transport links (4) value for money (5) amenities
  11. Loxley primary seems quite good. Bradfield school is not bad although doesn't have sixth form. Not too far out from the city. Seems to be a nice area. What is it like living there? Is it like a local community? I would any comments?
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