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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 5 hours

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    Support worker needed for vulnerable but high functioning adult with ADHD Aspergers and dyspraxia, preferably in S8. Likes arts and crafts so a maker would be good. Help especially with daily walks and routines.


  2. i Don’t know what to say!
  3. Does anyone know anywhere locally or in Chesterfield where they do millinary courses>
  4. Id like to identify a film i saw as a kid. Is there anyone who knows an eastern european film with subtitles - maybe Polish or Czech Republic altho it was Czecoslovakia then - about a boy who tries to save a carp from being killed at Christmas by putting it into the local swimming pool?
  5. well done for seeking to repair rather than replace and discard. the repair culture is getting a much needed regeneration through the fab repair cafes
  6. I dont want to be a bore but the traffic around Meadowhead/ St James' puts me off walking as its so noisy and polluted. it is horrible!!!
  7. miss my two chihuahuas like crazy
  8. The DVD player no longer works on my lenovo thinkpad. It seems this is a thing according to the forums. I didnt know they could do this, can l get it back.
  9. i want to. Just havent bitten bullet yet
  10. it frequestly gets too much. i tend to ask for help from ppl, or just being in a routine helps me carry on.
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