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  1. Someone told me today that they know someone who found a big pool of blood and a knife. There were lots of police around too, apparently. Anyone else heard anything?
  2. I see now, I just downloaded PDF reader and I can view times.
  3. Ok thanks. I honestly must be going blind I can't see at first glance. I think the site is difficult to navigate. Anyway, thank you!
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately I checked it already and there are no times on it.
  5. I would like to know approximate times for this bus that goes to Fox House. Anyone help me please? Thanks muchly.
  6. I hate the sense of anonimity everywhere I go.
  7. Taken from another thread "quintessential sheffield"... Think about it... Then shut up.
  8. Try going to the Drama Studio near Hallamshire Hospital. It's a church.
  9. Yes, that car is off the scale crazy. 3 litre V6 Clio! Get away!
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