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  1. I am leaving Sheffield after staying for a few years. I'm thinking of buying some gifts for my family. Is Sheffield made cutlery still existing? Worth buying? And where to buy? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. I don't understand why houses here are so shabby and crowded compared with other countries in EU. Any particular reason?
  3. What should I expect to pay for a full car service + MOT? Any recommended garages? Many thanks.
  4. just a thought to make Sheffield a truly international city
  5. the weather seems nice today and wanted to visit some. Thanks.
  6. Quite several vehicle crimes in June and one sexual offence - I guess this is unusual...
  7. thanks all for your replies. my lender wouldn't mind as the survey is been done and mortgage offer has been made. it's just me need to decide whether I should insist on getting the completion certificate, which the vendor is not prepared to get at this moment...
  8. many thanks. don't know exactly, but should be more than 5 years ago or even longer. it's not done by the current owner so he wouldn't know either - he bought the house the way it is. to a large extent i would say yes, replaced by two windows. two rooms as it was a double garage. I think a door was added, as well as wall that separates two rooms. there should be electricity and heating added. Hmmm, looks like a major conversion then?
  9. it's an integrated ground floor garage converted to a study (3-story house). the council says retrospective planning permission can be given, but at a cost of around 500, which also involves costs for any work that needs to be done. the owner is not willing to do so. haven't talked about price reduction yet, not sure how much would be appropriate. otherwise, we liked the house.
  10. it's a garage to study conversion. ---------- Post added 25-06-2013 at 19:05 ---------- yes, a home buyer survey was done. we seek the certificate under the suggestion of the surveyor. now that the vendor is not willing to get a retrospective certificate (the original certificate was either lost or never been signed off), the surveyor says an indemnity insurance would do, but my solicitor says indemnity insurance is useless in this case. I'm a bit lost now...
  11. the work was done quite many years ago and the council can no longer enforce any inspection upon it. any risk for buying a house like this?
  12. compared with totley or bradway? anything bad there or it's under-rated? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-39464980.html
  13. first time buying a used car, advice needed. thanks
  14. There are totley, totley brook, totley rise, and new totley. Which one is meant when people speak of totley? and which part is nicest? many thanks
  15. I'm looking for a place in nursery for my daughter. anyone can provide a list of nursery places near Broomhill? thank you!!
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