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  1. I'm going to be in Sheffield from Dec and would love to meet folks from Burngreave who worked in the steelworks ... I'm originally from Barnsley so know Sheffield well ... Cheers
  2. Anybody work there in the mid 80's?
  3. They got the nice building then the Con Club! Where was the nearest job centre? Was it in Burngreave near the old library?
  4. Was it near abbyfield park! -- Do you remember the address? -- Of course it was posh!
  5. Was there ever a conservative club in Burngreave -- find it hard to believe but I read there was a 'Con Club' circa late 80's? Any remember?
  6. The Shiloh Church .. bloody hell! Did they have a little stage in there? For sunday shows? - My dad's club had the snooker room in the back & then out front was the 'entertainment'!
  7. Which end of Gower street was it? ellesmere road ...? What's there now? Wish I could see photo's!! Cheers
  8. Anyone remember the Burngreave WMC on Gower street? What number was it? Does anybody have any pictures??? Cheers
  9. Hi There Can anyone tell me the names of the Steel Companies that were in the Attercliffe & Burngreave area around the 1980's and 1990's ... Was Vicker's there? Many Thanks kenny
  10. This is a great thread -- anybody here happy to email me as I have a bunch of questions about Sheffield Steel and the workers? swingitfilms@gmail.com Kenny
  11. I'm about to start work on the stage play 'The Full Monty' in Sheffield and I'm researching the lives of Sheffield Steel workers. I am starting from scratch so any detail is hugely appreciated. I'm particularly looking at the 80's up until 90's ... stories, experiences as well as basic facts such as hours, different jobs, pay, dangers, smells, jokes, social life - anything and everything! I'll be in Sheffield from 10th Dec and I'm more than happy to buy you a pint in exchange for a story or two. Please feel free to contact me directly on swingitfilms@gmail.com Huge thanks Kenny
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