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  1. Hi all We're missing a black cat called Brooklyn. He went missing on Tuesday 3rd October in the Blackstock Road area, towards Graves Park end. He is wearing a black collar with a bell. Please check your garages and sheds if you are local. He's extremely friendly, but may run if approached fast. Brooklyn has been neutered and chipped Please PM me if you have any details Thanks
  2. Why don't you join our facebook group, Sheffield Mums, Dads, Bumps and Babies, and get chatting? https://www.facebook.com/groups/241855129488531/
  3. Anyone know any driving instructors in the Gleadless area that may have availability for lessons starting tomorrow (Friday 22nd January) after 5.30pm? Been let down by another school and looking to start asap. Absolute beginner, but spent most of my life as a passenger so hope I pick up quickly.
  4. Need a player (preferably 'keeper, but outfield fine) for tonight at Goodwin Sheffield Uni six a side at 9.20pm I would be willing to "trade favours", and play for your side in goal or outfield if required. I'm not great outfield but am okay in a six a side goal.
  5. Need a 'keeper for six a side at Sheffield University pitches for 7.30 match tonight. Could do with an extra player outfield too. We're a decent bunch of lads. Not great. PM me if you fancy a game.
  6. I was contacted by insolvency firm on their behalf yesterday to say that my wedding deposit paid a week ago has gone and that I now no longer have a wedding reception venue. Gutted doesn't quite cut it. If the council thing is true, then I do feel bad for some of the employees who were helping us and are now out of a job.
  7. Hi everyone I really need some help. We booked Fitzwilliam & West ror a wedding reception on 29th November. However I was contacted today by their insolvency partner advising me they have ceased to trade and we have essentially lost our deposit. It's not a huge amount of money in the grand scheme of things but to my partner and I it represents months of saving. Now we have lost the money and have nowhere for the reception. Can anyone at all help by recommending/pointing us in the direction of function room that is willing to let us book something with no or minimal deposit paid? We have a party of 75 people so can guarantee a minimum spend on the day. We will cover our own entertainment and catering on the day. We are at a loss what to do here. If this is in the wrong section please move. Thanks
  8. Hi - I'd be interested in hosting something. My gf and I both into Anime. (My gf more so, being a bit of a manga artist, etc.) I have just started one piece volume 1 (books) and loving Fullmetal Alchemist (tv and books) and Attack on Titan Let me know if anyone is interested
  9. I am looking for a function room/pub for a small/intimate wedding reception next December 2014. We need to cater for no more than 35 people, and rather than having a buffet, want to do a rustic, wintry three course meal instead. If the suggested pub has rooms/accommodation within or nearby, would be ideal as many will be coming from France. Thanks in advance.
  10. You and another poster (Scoobz) I think both recommended The Travellers. It's actually only a 15 minute walk. Tried it on the 23rd. Not bad, think it will be my local. Everyone needs a preferred local, right?
  11. Thanks for the advice. We have an alarm and insurance is set up okay. Feel like Sheffield City Centre is best option for a nice quiet pub having googled the pub in question and the first result was "gun fired at Sheffield pub". Oh dear. Cheers ---------- Post added 28-11-2013 at 10:32 ---------- Within walking/stumbling distance
  12. Hi all I have just moved to S5, near Hartley Brook school - it appears lovely and quiet the area. Does anyone know of any local pubs nearby that are friendly? Cheers Paul
  13. As a PRINCE2 registered project manager, I have to say the management of this project has been atrocious. The fact that it is so far delayed and nobody seems to know when it is going to be completed is ridiculous. If I was to say to my bosses "The project is delayed and I'm not really sure when it will be done", I'd be out on my backside. SYPTE tendered the development and awarded it to Volker, so you would have thought that SYPTE would be in the know The communication has been terrible to the customers and the replacement services just not good enough. Getting to work via tram was my normal every day routine. Now, I can never see myself getting back on a tram again because I walk to and from Sheffield from Spring Lane. This has now become normal for me when it should have been a temporary change during the least busy summer months on public transport. I wonder how many other passengers they will have lost and will stay off the tram network. It's a shame, because SYPTE do a lot of good for the local transport network. The good work that they do will be forgotten. Nobody remembers a good project, as it was expected and delivered within expectations. EVERYBODY remembers the bad ones.
  14. Hi everyone I am looking for dedicated Owls and Blades fans that are interested in sports journalism to join me on a web project covering South Yorkshire football. I'm looking for someone who wants to write about the latest news, views and results at their club and also that would want to participate in a weekly podcast that would go up on the website too (if you've ever listened to The Football Ramble, I would love to do something like that focussed on South Yorkshire football). I'm looking for at least one fan from each of the big five South Yorkshire clubs to contribute. The reason I am doing this is because I want to pursue a career in sports journalism, and need the experience. I have interviews lined up with some of the local clubs, mostly non league and this is an opportunity to build a network of contacts. I am looking for someone who is passionate about writing and about sports. Most importantly, I am looking for someone I can build a good, trusting and working rapport with. I will be covering Rotherham United's content and material, but I am based in Sheffield. It goes without saying, this is an unpaid position. I am treating it as an opportunity to build my CV and network and to try and make something happen for myself. The thought is that a group of like minded individuals could get together and create something that other fans of South Yorkshire clubs would want to read on a daily basis. There are other opportunities to get involved and build your CV. If you want to lend a hand to things like photgraphy, web build, design, social media, etc. please feel free to reply. My interest is not really to create a communicty/forum. There are plenty of those, including this one, around South Yorkshire. I will be linking from the website to this fine community Please PM me or email me at southyorksfootie@gmail.com and I will get back to you, show you the site I have designed so far and we could have a chat and see if we could work together. Thanks Paul ---------- Post added 04-09-2013 at 14:44 ---------- Any Doncaster and Barnsley fans also welcome to join. If you happen to be reading Sheffieldforum.co.uk
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