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  1. ok ok il throw in a couple of beers for you as well ! Now remember so you can make yourself known to the manager the password is sphygmomanometer and ssshhh dont go telling people.
  2. I had to stop drinkin, cuz I got tired of waking in my car driving ninety
  3. To make it easier to get you up to speed (also if your bored at work) I have put a nice short game of guitar hero on the website so you can play anytime P.s if the boss comes hit the panic button http://www.weststreetlive.com/16.html
  4. Actually we could put the strippers and comedians together, how about we call it, (and im really sorry about this) Grin and bare it .........I'l get me coat
  5. * Walks off and gets crayons and bits of paper
  6. sorry about all the rules and yes Gary nailed it on the head its just so we all know how we are going to score you guys. (extra points if you bring backing singers e.g. Robert Palmer addicted to love )
  7. And il chuck a few beers in to bulk the prize out a little more "HOOTERZ" would be good but I think I would be out voted by the P.C brigade on here Dean http://WWW.WESTSTREETLIVE.COM
  8. GUITAR HERO AT WEST STREET LIVE We have had many a guitar hero at west street live but NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! Every Monday until November you get the chance to play on west streets power packed stage in front of the big screen So get down to West Street every Monday for your chance to win prizes and special drinks offers from 8pm What we will be looking for : Final game score Accuracy Stage presence Dress We will be starting with guitar hero 3 all tunes will be unlocked before the gig; we will chose your song you just have to keep up. Scoring Game This includes the difficulty level chosen, how hard the song is, and the different strumming or whammy bar techniques utilized. Celebrity Performers based on their Stage Presence. The ability to work a crowd, put together a unique and thought-out set, and looks the part of a rock star all play into the Stage Presence score. (Wigs fancy dress etc come on glam it up!) Gaming Accuracy of Performance. The players who score highest will excel in this category, and the areas where players make mistakes will be taken into account. For example, missing a note during a difficult solo will be penalized differently than missing the first note of the song. Please use the registration card as you walk in and hand to Gary at the sound desk . Games will begin 9pm on Mondays; after everyone played the top 2 will play off head to head The winner receiving a Jack Daniels flask and t shirt with automatic entry in to the final on November 3rd All winners will be entered into the hall of fame on the west street web site so you can keep an eye on scoring Players may choose to enable 'Hyper Mode' before their performance. Players are entitled to choose difficulty level of their choice. Easier difficulty level and songs may result in lower scoring from the judges on the difficulty criteria. Players may choose right or left handed mode There will be absolutely no form of cheating tolerated at this event. If a member is caught cheating they will be immediately disqualified and removed from the Tournament Arena. All competitors and spectators are required to act in a respectful sportsmanlike manner at all times. All scores are final, negative remarks will not be tolerated Any violation of the Tournament rules will result in immediate removal from the Tournament Arena. These rules are subject to be altered at the Tournament Director's Discretion. There may be special circumstances where the Tournament Director will have to make a decision in order to maintain Tournament integrity.
  9. Every Monday in conjunction with the corporation we are now doing guitar hero/rock nights there will be prizes for the highest scores and also great drinks offers so before you get down to the corp. why not get yourself in the mood with some serious air guitar! http://www.weststreetlive.com
  10. Plus you have f&f to buy. Also residents above so no chance of a late one. Its going to be a very brave person that takes it on.
  11. Laurel Pub Company has just put Yates (Carver Street) on the market Looks like it’s not only us little guys that are feeling the pinch http://licensedandleisure.collierscre.com/WebsiteModules/CMS/Uploads/LaurelSalesList030308.pdf
  12. The best one has got to be East enders when they use the bar top corkscrew to pull a pint of real ale!
  13. As always West Street Live has some of the best free live music in Sheffield city centre. this weekend its 3 piece bands, on Friday we have Shrine of the monkey Anybody that has played/seen or wanted to play guitar has GOT to see this band the lead (brain) plays with the guitar like nobody else I have seen. his choice of weapon his Ibanez 80's Models and uses bone picks imported from USA. so get ready for some BLACK SABBATH, FREE, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEP, CREAM, OZZY, RUSH, IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, WHITESNAKE, THUNDER & JOE SATRIANI TO NAME A FEW. http://www.myspace.com/shrineofthemonkey And on Saturday 3 Way Split A great 70, 80, 90, rock cover band direct from their European tour of Scunthorpe and always a welcome return to West Street Lives stage As always entrance is free and live acts go on at 9.30 10.30 and 11.30 All this wrapped up with Gary (aka muzz) djing some of the top rock anthems ever (that’s if we can peel him off his sailor jerry!!?) sadly he wouldn’t know funk if you hit him with it sorry! HOT ROCK, COLD BEER, EXPECT NO MERCY
  14. I can’t believe I put that! Just to put the record straight there will be pulling off on stage tonight
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