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  1. Its 'Sheffeld' on any council estate and 'Sheffield' on the residential estates end of
  2. Harking back to the original post title "Another tory bites the dust!" Why the hell cant it be "All tories bite the dust" ??? I don't like you pompous, self righteous, ideosyncratic, self centered, ambiguous, fat pigs..... VOTE UKIP you know it makes sense.. That and "Eat the rich" This post is PEDANT protected... argue with the text and the lad's will be round
  3. I have reported this post for being beard'ist'. As a proud wearer of 'face fungus' and just coming back from Morroco and being really brown (a shade off boyfriday) should I be considered a muslim ??? Beggar that idea, I don't believe in any of that faff and scurge and feel really upset that someone could stereotype me as a muslim because of my appearance.. I shall be contacting my solicitors " Sue, Grabbit and Runne" Forthwith..
  4. FORTY QUID !!!! for a sodding battery change. Get thisen down to Crystal peaks and buy another 4 watches for a tenner each. If it tell's the time it does the job it's supposed to do. "I have a Breitling," SO WHAT !!! Does it tell the time any better than my timex ? Posh watches in my opinion are no better than filofaxes.
  5. I went to them for a quote to unlock my laptop that my son had changed the password on and forgotten (little git) they said that it couldn't be done cheaply as it was a dos password. UTTER RUBBISH !! a mate of mine from sheffield uni unlocked it in about 10 minutes and charged me a pint of lager. My take on it is that they were trying it on with me as my knowledge of computers is rather poor.
  6. Rabbits have lived on that island in the bushes since I was at Jordanthorpe 35 years ago.
  7. 21 years later, they send a team of coppers out to dig a mound of earth FGS !!! What has happened to the media coverage of the little Welsh girl that went missing recently ?? How easy we forget
  8. Its not the one at Stocksbridge Daz, Its at Ford near Ridgeway. It is only a small ish puddle but holds some very big Carp and a 49Lbs Cat too. I am going to book it for a week on Sunday so if anyone is up for it give me a shout.
  9. You go GERREM Squigs. Thieving scumbags deserve all they get. The GETS stole my lads mountain bike that was padlocked to the washing pole whilst we were out for the day. The neighbours didnt even hear them never mind see the thieving snots. Someone that lives on the same road told me that they had seen a scrap van on the day that the bike was stolen but didnt have any reason to take the reg number down and the coppers came out with the usual tripe, theres not a lot that we can do about it really
  10. Oreyt Taylor. Thee have a crackin Friday Sithee :banana:
  11. Are you quite sure about that WOOFY ??? http://www.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/flash-dash-18899294.html
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