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  1. Anyone seen an Ofo bike in the last couple of days..?? I've been cycling around the city and have only seen one. And that didn't show up on the App. There don't appear to be any around the city centre...??
  2. Great news. The dog has been found. Found last night and cared for. Taken to a vet today. Now reunited with it's owner.
  3. Yesterday afternoon (19th Jan 2011) an old deaf Border Terrier went missing in Graves Park. The dog belongs to a friend who is currently out searching for the dog, hence my post on their behalf. The dog is not wearing a collar. If you have any useful information, please call the owner number deleted or me. Contact details below. Thank you.
  4. If you want to take advantage of the FIT, self installation is not an option. The installer needs to be accredited to the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). I am in the process of taking Eco Electrics through this process at the moment. I am looking for someone to have Solar PV fitted for assessment to join the MCS at the moment. There is the opportunity for someone to have panels fitted at a very favourable rate, strictly as a one-off. The installation would be your own, and you would be in a position to benefit in full from the Feed in Tariff once Eco Electrics has been accredited. If anyone is interested, please contact me. Details below.
  5. There are carols at The Plough, Low Bradfield at 8.30. Not quite South Sheffield. They are mainly traditional Sheffield carols though, not the new ones.
  6. Second E-lectrician has suggested. Also another simple check you can the fuse. I have been to a similar problem where the fused connection unit for the bath was hidden in the back of a kitchen cupboard.
  7. It could have been an ice halo around the the sun. Caused by refraction by ice clouds in the upper atmosphere. Think they're in the statosphere. They are generally the first indication of the approach of the cold front of an atlantic low pressure system. Looks like it was.
  8. Definitely get them done. It's always better to know what you are going to purchase and what work if any might be required. If you'd like another quote for the electrical inspection and test, please give me a call.
  9. Second what Pete Jim says above. And also to add that you cannot change the time that the Off Peak supply comes on. That is controlled by the supply / distribution company via a time or radio switch. Storage heaters have electric elements that heat bricks in the heaters. Occasionally, the elements can wear out. They are generally replacable. Your hot water tank should have different elements. One that is switched on by the Off Peak supply, then another(s) that acts as a regular immersion heater. Alternatively, the heating elements may be controlled by a separate timing unit with an integrated boost control. If you need any help or advice please feel free to give me a call.
  10. Hi Amar, Eco Electrics can help you with this. Please give me a call for a free visit and quotation.
  11. Please give me a call. I would be more than happy to quote for any electrical work, and help your dream house to come to fruition.
  12. Not aware of any muggings and the like. Take a look at the Kelham Island forum. http://brooklynandcornish.myfastforum.org
  13. I've been living at Kelham Island for nearly 10 years. There are spates of car crime that appear to be in direct corrolation to known individuals being released from Her Majesty's full board and lodgings. As far as I'm aware, vehicles have only ever been broken into when valuables are left visible.
  14. I haven't done any calculations at all, but I bet it would be a less expensive and more comprehensive solution to have the council distribute winter tyres for all council tax payers vehicles.... A solution for the whole city? Jerry
  15. It's also worth thinking whether you might need any other cabling to be installed at the same time. Phone sockets, TV points, Data cabling and intruder alarm. I'd be happy to visit the property and let you have a quotation for the work.
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