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  1. I agree with everybody else on here. If you have the money and want to spare some of your own time then what's the issue? I don't personally have a cleaner but I would get one, and guess what, I'm from a council estate in Liverpool so can't get much lower on the rungs of society than that
  2. Thanks for the reply, rather than doing that I would probably just get the train from Penistone and swap at either Barnsley or Huddersfield.
  3. Thank you for all your responses. Exploring the driving option (assuming the traffic isn't horrendous), is there anywhere to park in Leeds for around £5 a day within a sensible walking distance of the centre? ---------- Post added 30-08-2016 at 13:50 ---------- Found one, Multi-storey on Woodhouse Lane, £6.50 for 12 hours, not bad for how centrally located it is.
  4. The current job I'm looking at is very central, near the Trinity shopping centre. I'd be joining the M1 at J37.
  5. That is an option, was just thinking of traffic, parking and stress. I can get to Barnsley station in about 15-20 mins then 40 mins on a train means I can do a bit of reading rather than an hour in the car.
  6. Hi, Apologies if this has been covered before, I've had a search but can't find anything relevant. I live in Millhouse Green (near Penistone) and I'm looking at jobs in Leeds. Don't fancy getting the train from Penistone to Leeds and swapping at Huddersfield as I have experienced how unreliable the Penistone line is, I would only have a few minutes to swap trains and I've heard that trains from Hudds to Leeds are absolutely jam packed. I'm thinking of driving to Barnsley station, parking up there and getting a direct train to Leeds. I'm wondering how easy it is to get a parking space at the station i.e. what time would I have to get to the station for to make sure I got a space? Also am I likely to get a seat on the train if I aim to get to Leeds for around 9 and setting off back to Barnsley at about 5:30? Would an earlier service provide better parking/seating chances? Thanks David
  7. Hi, I raw feed my two dogs on nutriment, they love it but it's very expensive. I'm looking into making my own and was wondering if there is anywhere where I can source the meat (minced chicken carcasses and offal etc) and veg? There's a farm shop near Bradford that does pet mince but that's a bit too far to travel. Thanks David
  8. Hi, Any recommendations for a handyman? I'm in Millhouse Green near Penistone. Looking to have a couple of external lights fitted (wiring is already present), house number plaque, 3 x bathroom towel radiators, sink and worktop in utility room and possibly an outdoor tap and some paving pointing. Not looking for quotes please, just recommendations for somebody who is reliable and will do a quality job. Thanks David
  9. Hi, I'm after a pub that has a children's play area and will also have the football on. Anybody know of any in the Sheffield/Barnsley/Rotherham area? Thanks David
  10. Is it possible to have a conservatory that is usable all year round? We want a play room for our kids and a loft conversion or extension would be too expensive. My garden is north facing so the back of the house, where the conservatory would go, gets very little sun on it so i don't think we would have a problem with it getting too hot in summer. I think our main issue would be heating it in winter. I was wondering if advancements in glazing and poly carb roofing might have improved insulation? Does a glazed roof offer better insulation than a poly carb? Was also thinking of under floor heating. If people with conservatories could reply saying whether there's is usable all year round and what sort of material and heating was used that would be very helpful. Thanks David
  11. Hi, Does anybody send their kids to Chapeltown swimming pool for lessons? Are they any good? I'm looking for a new venue for my 6 year old as his current lessons aren't very structured and they seem to spend most of the time waiting around for other kids. Thanks David
  12. I was asking for some advice from somebody who has actually done the journey, not a sarcastic comment. Of course I've looked at a route planner but they don't always give you the best route for certain times and traffic conditions.
  13. Hi, I will be driving from Penistone to south of Nottingham (Edwalton), aiming to get there for 9am and setting off home at 5.30pm. I was wondering what the best route would be. It looks like it's either M1 to (J26 then A610) or (J25 then A52). Any ideas? Thanks David
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