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  1. Hey - does anyone know if the car boot sale at Morrisons Halfway tomorrow is a decent sized one? I cannot find much information about it at all. Thanks in advance.
  2. The mortgage all went through fine. Nothing is in bad condition and the chimney might be fine and well supported - there just is no paperwork to evidence this.
  3. Thanks for this - although I'm quite scared by that time scale! How much did it all cost in the end?
  4. Agreed - we wouldn't be willing to buy the house in the hope that it's all ok and safe. There are a few other bits that appeared on the survey that we are willing to bite the bullet and fix when we move in, but we cannot take a risk on this. We will ask the sellers to get a structural engineer to check it out and go from there. Thanks for all the advice. Fingers crossed it's all ends up ok.
  5. The insurance just covers the lack of building consent if that ever became an issue and the council came calling - as far as I'm aware it does not cover costs if it becomes apparent that the support is not present, cracks appear or, in the worse case, the chimney falls down.
  6. The surveyor says that the remaining chimney should have been provided with some sort of support, but this is now concealed within the fabric of the building and there is no clear evidence of the additional support. Therefore they cannot confirm its adequacy or existence. They have then gone on to highlight that this is potentially very hazardous and that we should seek out the building regulation paperwork (which we know there are none, as we were already aware indemnity insurance was taken out) or carry out physical examinations to determine if immediate work is necessary.
  7. Hi - I'm looking for some advice from anyone with knowledge or experience of this problem: We are currently in the process of purchasing a house and the survey has uncovered that a load-bearing chimney breast has been partially removed on the first floor of the house. This was done a while back before the current owners purchased the property. There are no documents showing regarding building regulations and the surveyor cannot comment on whether any replacement support has been put in place. There are no signs of damage caused by excess weight, so I can only assume the load from above is sufficiently supported but obviously this is a concern. The sellers have taken out an indemnity policy for the lack of paperwork, but as far as I'm aware this would not cover us if any problems occur in the future e.g. The chimney collapses! Has anyone had this problem? Is the solution to get a structural engineer out to examine it (and if so, what sort of cost could I expect)? If this happened would it be an invasive procedure that would cause any damage (and hence further costs)? I would really appreciate any help anyone could give! Thanks.
  8. Hi - I'm moving out of sheffield towards deepcar and was wondering if there were any 5-a-sides or 11 a side teams looking for players out that way?
  9. I'd like to come down this Tuesday if there's space for a newbie? I've played a few games in the past but I'm definitely beginner standard Cheers! Mark
  10. Hi, where abouts in Sheffield is this going to be? Cheers
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