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  1. you have done a remarkable job sarkysod .... i have clicked on your link & to have taken those photos tomorrow you must have had to zip thro a timewarp in order to post them today !!
  2. i will have to see him @ work tomo .... will "UNLOCKER" get rid of sophos ? . . thx ... will check tomo eve & see whats happened
  3. one for the boffins , a mate of mine at work has a problem connecting to the internet due to a "remote firewall" problem ... there is a msg at the top he says which reads.. "windows confirmed that google.com is curently online but isn't respondin to connection attempts at this time." i dunno what his O/S is but he says he has an out of date version of sophos (it wont let him delete it) wev'e exhausted all the tricks i know ... what next ? ive given all the info i have at the mo
  4. denis healey bella emberg russell harty keith chegwin
  5. does that actually suprise you up there .... makes a change from em smashing buses up !!!
  6. right ... here goes !!! who gives a toss what happens to him ? he done bad yeah ..doubt anyone would argue against that !! but why all the hoohaa whatever does or doesn't happen to him aint gonna affect 99% (or more) of the population ...let whatever happens to him happen ... i dont wanna know , i dont give a damn ppl just want to jump on the "look at me ... i'm on the anti-huntly bandwagon" & think theyr'e all martyrs to the cause .... uckf him ... let whatever will happen happen & good luck to whoever does it !
  7. perhaps we should ask people for a certificate of health before we allow them on the bus .... >>suspects another veiled attack on bus services<<
  8. ANY software is free , if you know where to look & how to apply the cracks heehee
  9. the area ur on about is only a timed bus lane ... morning & afternoon peak hours ... other times inc all day sat & sun cars can use it quite legally ... but alas as has been stated many ignore it even in the stated period .... now ya know why buses get late!
  10. entwhistle is an anagram of "WE LENT SHI*E"
  11. first operate services into derbyshire & mobility passes are accepted from start of service on any day
  12. might that not be lack of respect on their part for COMPANY RULES ... they are not my rules !!
  13. theres folk wanting to get to work kids going to school students goin to uni/college - buses can often have a full standing load 9am is is roughly the time most (not all) are in work / school / college ... unfortunately if an OAP has an early app't at hospital/docs etc they fall in the same category as anyone else on a weekday & have to pay at all times remember , the driver does NOT make up the rules regarding time , nor do the companys for that matter ! as has been stated other areas its 0930 hrs so think urselves lucky in S Yorks
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