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  1. Any one know where i can buy uncooked hempseed? Tried a few garden centres and petshops but non had any
  2. Anybody fished Loxley fisheries recently? How did you do? Any baits do particularly well there?
  3. Thanks all, will try some of these When I'm back over Christmas! I've done a bit at crookes valley park as I'm not far from there but never really felt comfortable doing a long session there only ever did a couple short morning sessions. I've only ever fished the canals for pike but have heard rumors of the carp and seen them at victoria quays and was thinking of going and trying a bit further up from there where there are a few bays but would love to catch a carp out the canal, will definitely have a go of it.
  4. Hi, I've recently been getting into my carp fishing while I've been at uni down south and was hoping someone here could recommend a few waters around Sheffield. Day tickets, club waters and syndicates anyone could recommend would be great! Or any sites useful for researching waters. Thanks.
  5. planning on hitting up the catcliffe section of the rother for a few hours on friday and wondered if anyone could let me know what the pegs are like, are there set pegs with platforms or is it just a sit down and fish wherever off the bank?
  6. I have family from New Zealand currently visiting and one of them is keen to try frogs legs, and I was hoping one of you guys could point us in the right direction!
  7. So far no luck on the carp rod yet but had some nice roach on a waggler. only done 2 short early morning sessions so its still early days!
  8. I rang woodseats angling who do the day tockets for it a few weeks ago and they told me it wont be restocked until winter.
  9. Ah right cheers mate! What's the bottom of it like? Does it just slope down steadily or has it got like shelves? Not fished it yet not moving there until mid July so won't be fishing it until then
  10. Anything that swims to behonest haha but if anything works in particular for the carp or if lures for perch is particularly effective. would love to get a carp off the surface but have heard they're pretty difficult to catch there
  11. Hi all, I'm going to be moving in near crookes valley park and was hopping to get some fishing done on there seeing as its free!! Had a walk around it today with the polaroids on and saw a good head of roach as well as a few of the carp basking in the sun which made me excited to wet my line there. I've seen lots about fishing maggot waggler or feeder tactics but wondered if anyone had any other tips, tricks or any info on it. If anybody has any proof of the pike, zander or even catfish that are rumoured to be there that would be awesome too! Or any stories about interesting catches there. Thanks!
  12. Sounds good, I'll probably only end up going in spring/summer but doesn't hurt to start research early! I'll probably fish light on maggots and pick up anything that'll bite. as for parking I know people who live within walking distance who will let me stay at theirs. Is this a common occurance? I cant really afford to replace gear and wouldn't want to risk it if it did come to it.
  13. Hi, I've heard that the lake in crookes valley park holds some very nice fish but I havn't found any information that wasn't posted more recently than 3 years ago. I've read that it has roach, big perch, big eels, carp up to 30lb, pike, zander and even a couple catfish! how true is this? like size wise, obviously most waters hold a couple big fish but just about everything I've read about this place has mentioned big 'uns! also what are quantities like? like am I just about guaranteed to catch there or will I have to work for it? I have no problem with having to work for it, provides more of a challenge! Any methods that do particularly well? would probably just waggler fish maggot and pick anything up that comes by but if its worth lure fishing for the pike/zander or putting out a couple boilies for the carp I would consider it. Do anglers get hassled much there with it being a public park and all I can imagine it happening. Thanks!
  14. Okay thank you! I will be using lures (mainly spinners) and Im going to try go tomorrow morning if its not raining. ---------- Post added 04-08-2013 at 17:42 ---------- Could anyone tell me where to go on the canal? went on friday with my dad in attercliffe area on the part that runs by the don valley stadium and didnt have anything touch my lure or my dads. were we just unlucky or were we in a crappy section? should we try closer to victoria quays or go further away?
  15. Hi there Im wanting to get into pike but Im struggling to find venues around Sheffield which I can go to. So far I know of The canals and Dam Flask but Dam Flask seems rather big and daunting and I've read its quite difficult to fish and Im not sure which sections of the canal to visit. So if anyone could give me information and where I can go that would be brilliant!
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