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  1. Please repost in the For Sale section of the Classifieds. http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=124 Thank you.
  2. You should see some of the kids that ride BMX in sheffield. They wont just wiz past you they'll grind the side of your car on the way past!
  3. Search Waller BMX in Google for our website We are a 100% BMX Specialist that deals with BMX parts, Repairs, Wheel builds and complete bikes! Or visit our store inside OnBoard skatepark - Little London Road, S8 0UH, Sheffield Only 3 years late
  4. Hi Sheffield, A new BMX store has opened in Sheffield located at the new onBoard Skatepark on Little London Road. We specialise in all the major BMX brands including ABike, Federal, Skavenger, Cult, Macneil, BSD, G-Sport, Odyssey, Primo and many more. Aswell as selling BMX parts we also sell Complete bikes and Safety gear. Waller BMX offers a repair service that is run by BMX specialists who have dealt with just about every problem that can go wrong with BMX bikes. So if you are your child has any problems with their bike call down to onBoard Skatepark and visit Waller BMX. Search "Waller BMX" in google for our website! Email - sales@wallerbmx.co.uk Telephone - 0114 3830009 or 07580 968033 The location for our shop is Little London Road, S8 0UH, Sheffield. Thanks!
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