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  1. If Im honest Im not suprised however It will be missed as I always go in there every week. Shame more job loses!!!
  2. missed watch dog, guess that explains it...
  3. promotional branned crisps are little more than bags of air, They look good and even sound good but spare a thought for the crisp sandwich with NO CRUNCH!
  4. the answer could be down to a factory off claywheels lane that make speakers!
  5. hi, yea its great for sport, music and art soo all good there. as to where you will live? depends really, I would say do some background work on the areas you are interested in, if you know someone who lives ere get their feed back to. s for a job you might land on your feet but like the most of us its hard going. best of luck!!
  6. okay i guess it was a garden fire that looked more than it was...
  7. sorry to ear that "felicity" have you tried ringing the phone number?
  8. Reports from friends of a large fire around or on warncliffe side!
  9. between 2:00-3:00am a woman was attacked by a young man in the early hours of friday morning in foxhill park off foxhill crescent. The police were called but not know at this time if the man or woman have been spoken to...
  10. Hi, my names Joanne I attend "craft & chat" Taking place at FOXHILLFORUM "Foxhill Astate" on Wolf Road 10:00 to 12:00 every Monday morning. we are currently seeking new members. All the workshops are FREE! We provide workshops for jewellery making, lavender pillows, card making, canvas pictures and many more. This could be your first time at making crafts whether your a new starter or more advanced it doesn’t matter all are welcome. We are a small & friendly group and craft at our own pace while chatting over a cuppa tea and biscuit. If you are interested you can call LINDA on 0114 231 5522 or email lnda.sewell@foxhill-forum.co.uk If coming by Bus you can catch 17, P1, 77, 78 I would be happy to meet you at the bus stop....further more with Christmas coming up instead of buying your decorations why not make your own for FREE! I look forward to hearing from you:)
  11. hi, we found sum old booklets that advertise batchelors and more photos of the trip to amsterdam that the workers went on, these were in my late nans suitcase. when i get round to it ill post them online.
  12. These were two objects of very different size, cud have been satilites thou?. anyway not seen them since...
  13. yes dont u just love the OBJECTS!!!
  14. u guys how did u know i was a delboy fan lol!
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