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  1. I may be wrong but my impression of Lliera is he may well spend quite a bit of the season either suspended or injured, he looked very brash to me but solid.
  2. It's the best time to get a premier team in this competition when they have least interest in it. Definitely winnable. I was listening to talksport the other day and one prem manager admitted this competition was a distraction to them in their fight to stay in the premier.
  3. Your welcome mate at least we got there in the end nothing really needed clarifying it was there in my original post.
  4. Your welcome. Wednesday were a yard behind Oldham in the first half and in the first ten minutes of the second half could have gone 3 up, after their first goal wednesday were strolling it against a rapidly tiring Oldham who couldn't keep that pace up, at 3-2 Oldham had a chance to score but apart from that it was all Wednesday. I would say it was a long way off a brilliant second half performance but Wednesday were a class above. I didn't see any world class saves but did see one very good one in the begining of the second half. A game is two halves and Wednesday won but as DJ says "it was the worst first half of his managerial career" and Championship teams won't allow them to get away with that. I think DJ is good enough to get it sorted and also think Pecnik [if that's the correct spelling] came into the game and will shine for Wednesday this season, Antonio will be a star as long as he remains on the wing and doesn't play central midfied.
  5. I thought your opening line sounded a little angry but no problem it didn't upset me and you have cleared it up now. You made a mistake commenting on my reply to micheal w but not to worry as you say lets carry on. Perhaps we could use that as a starting point I still don't like football hooligans and the tv stations and reporters who encourage it to make news.
  6. No problem then you just missed the post I was answering I'm sure if you read it again you'll realise that along with the answer I gave you and then notice your mistake.
  7. You can get tablets for that mate.
  8. It's not rocket science I was replying to a post which made reference to it.:loopy:. Why so much anger in your post mate?
  9. I'll let you into a little secret but please don't tell anyone. It's not real ask Santa Clause he knows.. Remember shush it's our secret.
  10. Sorry mate but I think his post comes across quite the opposite. I for one hate football hooliganism and any tv or newspaper that glorifies it with fake programmes like the one mentioned. I have been to games where reporters have offered money to fans if they kick off just to make news.
  11. :hihi::hihi:. Everyone knows better. Wiki answers. The amount of water on the earth stays the same.
  12. Thanks for clearing that up at last.
  13. You still have not answered mate, did you go to the Oldham game? I find it very strange that a person who spends so much time trying to get Blades fans to go to Wednsaday games should go to United games but not wednesday or are you saying you would watch Wednesday if it was free?
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