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  1. I also heard it mentioned on R4, so I Googled "Men in Sheds" sheffield, found these: bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-20573238 ageuk.org.uk/professional-resources-home/services-and-practice/health-and-wellbeing/men-in-sheds/ And also this thread! Perhaps someone else would have better luck in finding the right search terms? The Sally Army site is quite hard to find anything in. and AgeUK seems totally opaque to me.... Ah-ha, found this one at last.... menssheds.org.uk/ Good luck to all....
  2. When the Thwaites' closed the Royal Hotel, they sold it to Mark, who split the property, planning to make the inner 1/3 into a 2up-2down and then use the end 2/3 as a single larger dwelling. He cut back his plans and put the larger part to auction in July of last year. Planning permission has been granted to convert the end portion to 2 terraces, one 3bed and one 2bed. Work started on May5th, and so far the extension has been demolished, and the interior of the building is being gutted. Completion of the 2 houses that will be 114 and 116 Walkley St is scheduled for late August/early September. I cannot tell you when 112 is likely to be finished. All the Best, Oz.
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