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  1. I'm not interested in a guard dog we have a cat, don't think he'd be too pleased lol. We live on Beck by the way. Oh and now I get the whole shutter thing, I just pictured shop shutters.
  2. Not being funny but we are not a shop and that is not the route were going to go down.
  3. Had a phone call off our neighbour Sunday dinner to say we'd been burgled, we were out for the night visiting family. I know we're not the only ones but still were absolutely gutted, my fiancée is really worried now for our safety, we have 2 children a 6month old and a 2 year old, who we worry about obviously. Basically it was a brick through the kitchen window and they, 2 trainer prints found at point of entry,cleaned out all high value stuff. I know we won't see anything back but if anyone around here is offered stuff please let me know as ill quite happily take a bar round and ask nicely for our stuff, seriously though if anyone I offered stuff let me know or the police. There was a 37" Toshiba LCD HD TV, PS3, 14 PS3 games, 14 Blurays valuable irreplaceable jewellery boxes full aswell as other things. It was bad enough being burgled I could have handled a smash and grab on the front room but not having all our drawers rifled through aswell!!
  4. Anybody else??? I really could go with some car storage for 1 possibly 2 cars.
  5. And still you get the comments!!! Anyway,there's nothing wrong with part worns If you get a good pair so get off your soapboxes. I got a pair of Bridgestone Potenza's as a quick replacement which had nearly 6mm of tread on them in 205/40/17 and there still going strong! And Ebay was where I got them, apparently that tyre is factory fit on fiesta ST's I think.
  6. We switchedabout 5 months ago using the "EPIC!!!" comparison site from British Gas standard to EDF's 2 year fixed Blue thingy deal, our monthly bills have gone from nearly £100 to £60 a month for dual fuel. No problems so far,bills gone up £1 to £60 recently. Just my 2p :-)
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